10 Dangers Of Children Addicted To You Tube According To Psychology

Danger of addiction you tube in a child should be avoided, by the way don't let them exposed to the technology excessively. Moreover, given the right of ownership when their age is under 12 years, because it can inhibit the growth of the brain, mental, even physical.

The academy of Doctors of An American boy and the Association of Physicians of A child Canada is confirmed, a child aged 0-2 years should not be exposed to technology at all. A child age 3-5 years be restricted using the technology of only one hour per day. And a child age 6-18 years restricted to 2 hours per day. 

A child-a child and a teenager that uses technology to exceed the time limit which is recommended, it has a serious health risk that can be deadly. Here are the 10 Dangers of Children Addicted to You Tube According to Psychology, which is sourced from a variety of research. So that could be the reason why parents should not give you tube in a child before the age of 12 years. 

1. Interfere with the growth of the brain of a child

At the age of 0-2 years, the brain of a child is growing quickly until he was 21 years old. The development of the brain of a child since the early influenced by environmental stimulation. Excess stimulation of the you tube (hp, internet, tv, ipad, etc.) on the brain of a developing child, may cause a delay koginitif, disorders in the learning process, tantrums, enhances impulsive nature, as well as a decreased ability of a child to be independent. 

2. Growth to slow

Danger of addiction you tube in a child, also restrict the movement of the physical. That makes the growth of physical a child be too late. Exposure to technology from an early age also affect the literacy skills and academic achievement of a child in a negative way.

3. Obesity

Addiction to television and video games related to increase cases of obesity on a child. Electronic equipment installed in the room of a child and can be accessed personally can increase the risk of obesity by as much as 30%. 30% of a child suffering from obesity, will have diabetes, to have a high risk of early strokes or heart attacks, as well as the age of life expectancy is low. 

4. Lack of sleep

75% of a child the age of 9-10 years of experience lack of sleep because of addiction to technology without supervision. Lack of sleep will have a negative impact on the value of their school, because the brain develop properly during sleep, and a child need enough sleep so that the brain can not function properly.

5. Mental disorders

Research in 2010 revealed, the danger of addiction to you tube in a child can increase the risk of depression, anxiety disorders, less attention disorders, autism, bipolar disorder, psychosis and problematic behavior of the other. to die like there may be a child-a child that was very early can experience psychiatric disorders.

But, a number of studies have concluded that addiction to technology overload can potentially be the cause of the level of depression in a child, lack of concentration, anxiety, autism, bipolar, as well as the problematic behavior of the other.

6. Aggressive nature

The content in the media that can be accessed a child, can cause aggressive nature on a child. Physical and sexual violence widely spread on the internet, and if not done the supervision of, a child can be exposed to it all. So trigger the onset of aggressive behavior and tend to attack other people in a child.

7. The Addiction

When parents are too dependent on technology, they will be far from a child. To fill the void bonding with a parent, a child also began to seek consolation from you tube, which in the end makes them addicted to technology, and could not be separated from him.

Parents who are accustomed to live with you tube, often times make a child feel cared for and even fun for yourself with your smartphone or tablet. The impact, it becomes a habit and can cause addiction to you tube. Research Gentile mention, 1 of 11 a child aged between 8-18 years are addicted to technology you tube.

8. Senile digital

The speed of content in the media, make a child have attention span is short. She can't focus on one thing, and easily change the focus. This lowers the ability of concentration and memory. So make a child hard to focus.

This triggers a condition called senile dementia digital, because a child who is exposed to the technology too much, can't focus, the impact he's into learning difficulties. Various forms of media technology at this time process information very quickly.

 As a result, a child is too quick in processing the information, they instead tend to be less able to concentrate as well as the power he remembers decreased. Apanila a child-a child can not concentrate, then of course the side effects they will experience a variety of difficulties in learning.

9. Radiation emission

In May 2011, the WHO enter the phone and you tube without the other cable in the Risk category 2B (probable cause cancer), because the radiation emissions issued by the tool. James McNamee from the Health Agency of Canada, gave the warning in 2011:

“A child-a child is more sensitive to radiation than adults. Because the brain of a child and the immune system they are still growing. So, we can't say that the risk to a child at risk in adults.”

Mobile phones and various other wireless technologies give off radiation that can be harmful to health. A child-a child who often played with you tube can be risky often exposed to such radiation. In fact, the immune system and the brain they are in a period of growth.

10. The process of learning that is not sustainable

Addicted to technology overload in a child, can make the learning process is not continuous. Because this technology make everything easier, so the brain of a child is not honed, due to the convenience offered to look for shortcuts.

A child-a child is our future, but there is no future for a child-a child who is too often using advanced technology, is thus expressed researchers Cris Rowan.

According to him, the education that comes from you tube won't be able to survive long in the memory of a child-a child. Therefore, the approach to education through the you tube will not be sustainable for a child-a child, so need to be limited.

Well, let's use you tube wisely and take useful. See you in the next article, thank you.

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