10 the Importance of Exclusive BREASTFEEDING for Child Psychology

Mother's milk is the first food and main in children because it contains a variety of substances required of the child. Because of the importance, the World Health organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health launched a movement of exclusive BREASTFEEDING for children aged zero to six months. Not only good for the growth of the baby, breast MILK is actually better for the development of psychological and mental, you know. Then, what are the Importance of Exclusive BREASTFEEDING for Child Psychology?

1. Stimulate the child's emotional development

Children who are BREASTFED tend to have the ability to control his emotions when entering school age. This is evidenced in a study conducted in the United states. In this research, the experts mentioned that the theory of neurohormonal could be the reason.

The theory revealed that the contact between mother and child when exclusive BREASTFEEDING stimulates the development of cognitive as well as emotional. From physical contact during the breastfeeding period, the bond between the mother and the baby will also be more tightly.

In addition, during feeding the child, the mother's body will release the hormone oxytocin which one of them serves to reduce the stress on the mother so that the mother will be more stable to support the growth of the child. 

2. Stimulates the growth of the nervous system

The first few months of life is often known as the “golden period” the fruit of the heart, ranging from physical, cognitive, to the psychological. Breast MILK is the best food that can support all of those things because it contains a variety of nutrients that is required of the child., such as protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. 

All these nutrients will stimulate the development of the nervous system of children with a better, even this does not only occur in children who are born of the moon. The development of the nervous optimum can also be obtained children born prematurely by way of exclusive BREASTFEEDING.

3. Endurance and psychic stronger

Even though it looks not too have a direct impact on the mental development of the child, breast MILK make children more strong and not easy to get sick. This of course makes the baby more day and play with his friends.

Play with peers, make the development of the power of thought, emotional, as well as the ability socialization little more refined. So, indeed exclusive BREASTFEEDING is very good for the growth of the overall.

4. Grow and flower with optimal

According to Tanti Diniyanti, a Psychologist at Kemang Medical Care, lactation (breastfeeding) is the activity that is mutually beneficial for both mother and child. For the child, he can grow and air flower with more optimal through breast MILK was given by his mother.

“Breast MILK can satisfy all basic needs a child to grow and develop, both physical needs such as nutrition and health as well as the need for affection, namely psychological, emotion, closeness of attachment or bonding of the mother with the child as well as the needs of the stimulation of the five senses,”.

Then, when the child grew up healthy and calm, the mother would be more comfortable and reflex flow of breast MILK more smoothly. Any mother would be affected by a reflex flow of breast MILK. When the psychological condition of the mother, then the flow of breast MILK will be smoothly so that the child is easy to suckle.

5. The child is calm and comfortable

With the feeding of breast MILK, the child will feel calm, safe, comfortable, healthy, full, and powerful because their basic needs are met from his own mother and later increase self-confidence and a sense of trust in his own mother.

6. The relationship strong emotions

This process will form a relationship strong emotions, such as warmth, a sense of mutual need, loved, loved, interdependent (emotional bonding).

7. The five senses of the child so growing

The five senses of the child was growing, that is, through eye gaze, the touch of skin and hug, humming or the words of the mother through the child's hearing, smelling trademark of breast MILK and the aroma of the mother's body and movement-the movement or position of the members of the body of the mother while breastfeeding.

8. Develop the process of learning or intelligence of children

The process of breastfeeding for the child can develop a bond with her mother and closeness that exists evolve in a positive direction (attachment). “Breastfeeding can also develop the process of learning or intelligence of children.”

9. Enhance the development of motor and cognitive

The importance of BREASTFEEDING to the child's behavior is thought to be derived from the composition of breast MILK is a unique that allows the development of motor and cognitive child in the early months. The content of breast Milk such as fatty acids and other bioactive pointed out as the component that most affects the mental development of the child.

The hormone leptin, which is found in breast MILK, is known to give a positive effect on some parts of the brain such as the hippocampus, the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the adrenals. These positive effects are known to lower the levels of stress in children.

10. Associated with mental health

The importance of BREASTFEEDING to the mental development of a child, also obtained from the activity over again feeding. Skin-contact (adhesions of the skin of the mother and the child) and the eye contact between mother and child believed to be a “bridge” connecting the affection between mother and child.

The belief that he cherished, proven also is one of the deterrent is effective for a person to behave damage or other aggressive. “The crucial child's 1,000 days of life. Should continue to receive breast MILK until the age of 2 years. A study says, children who received breast MILK mentally much stronger than that are not subject to the breast MILK,”

According to Farahdibha as the Secretary General of the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers Indonesia (AIMI), The Small who are not BREASTFED have a mental health worse compared with exclusive BREASTFEEDING.

“An example is the case that if we watch or read the news, often times a lot of news about her menyelakai his mother or maybe on the contrary, it is because the mentally ill. To avoid our children from the mental is not good, it can be done with a way to give enough MILK to children until at least age two years,”

The risk of mental health that will happen to The Little guy who is not BREAST-fed, that is more difficult to socialize with the environment, easily anxious or depressed. Then the presence of somatic complaints, often experience social problems, not easy to focus, trouble in thinking, tend to be more mischievous and aggressive.

Well, it's obviously not about the myriad of the importance of BREASTFEEDING for the psychological development of your little one? Therefore, budayakan to always apply exclusively BREASTFED for the first six months of life that can be continued until the child is two years old. Good addition to physical growth, breast MILK is also very berpentingnya to the mental development of the child.

Remember, if You want to exclusive BREASTFEEDING, then You should not provide food and any drinks in children before the age of 6 months, whether it's water or honey. Many mothers are still wrong about the principle of exclusive BREASTFEEDING. If You are in doubt, consult your pediatrician before giving it food or other drinks on the child.

See you in the next article, thank you.

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