11 The Function Of Psychology In Teaching And Learning

Psychology is a science in which to learn the ins and outs of human behavior, attitudes and also the way of thinking of each individual who has a character of its own. In the science of psychology there is also a science education that is closely related to learning it. Because with education we will find out widely about the things that are taught formally and also the knowledge that had not previously been thought by us.

In the learning method or methods of psychology of education we are taught about a variety of curriculum which is related to the science of psychology, especially in the science of psychology of education or learning of course it also has various functions and also the benefits that will be very beneficial to the interests of education in the future.

As we know, the name of education it is important, where in it we can learn a lot of things ranging from science and also science in learning it takes a theory or pattern of thought of ourselves. Well, for that in this article we will explain about the function of psychology in learning.

1. Can be used as a method of learning that right

One of the functions or benefits that we can get from the psychology of learning is can be used as a method of learning that right. So for the teaching should have the knowledge and also the techniques of learning and the science of psychology is indeed right.

So from both can be harmony in the manufacturing methods are quite effective. Because when we teach later on we will see a variety of character types and also kinds of human intelligence or each student.

2. Effective learning tools

To be able to draw up a curriculum learning with a right in fact we really really need the name of the science of psychology. Because in a science of psychology in a changing and also determine which of the various strategies undertaken in the making of the curriculum. Because for a teacher or manufacture of the curriculum that has the science of psychology can make to the teaching and learning is very effective and also maximum.

3. Can avoid from the assessment of the subjective

By having the science of psychology will make it easier for us to know the drawbacks and also advantages of each. Because of the time held a learning usually there will be a subjective assessment that can be highlighted from the evaluation. So we learn the science of psychology will be more aware of the ability of what we teach. And will avoid the assessment of the subjective.

4. Used as a method of counseling and also guidance

In psychological science we will be taught about the behavior and character of every human being. Where to do in learning can facilitate the creation of the curriculum and also help learners who can provide a variety of learning well. Especially in issues related to academic. This way can also make the participants of the discipline of learning with maximum and better.

5. Provide motivation in learning

One thing or another function that you can get in learning is to be more understanding and also give you the proper motivation in the motivation of learning. in addition, the potential of which will be easily visible and also motivate to encourage the students to learn better, in the function of this one you can also create a curriculum that is being compiled reached up exactly with the target.

6. See the learning potential of pupils

One of the functions you can get from learning method is able to see the learning potential of every student, by having an excess of the science of psychology later you can see what the potential of students and the extent to which the student can perform learning with good.

7. As evaluation of learning outcomes

As a lecturer of course, we are required to provide teaching and learning for the learners. In addition to master the science of psychology so you can better understand and know about the results or evaluation of the learning outcomes of each student. The ability of the students in this case can also be achieved and also known well. So understanding in learning can you get in the end.

8. Can be used as a method of studying the right

Educational psychology is indeed a very helpful subject related to learning, where learners and education can understand each other. Especially for a education would be much more easy to find the proper learning methods and also in accordance with the desired disciples, but not to deviate from the curriculum that has been set.

Where as we know every student has a unique personality and different. As teachers also need to know and also understand more about the condition of the learners.

9. Make learning more fun

For the students of course, it should provide conditions conducive learning, it certainly is not easy. So the function of psychology in learning can make the methods of education will be felt much more fun. Moreover, learners in the modern era like currently do want a method that is fun and doesn't make them afraid to be a teacher or teacher.

So by mastering the science of psychology will make learning much more fun and can avoid from the presence of conditions that are not ideal and also the climate of learning that is not fun.

10. The formation of an appropriate curriculum

In the manufacture of learning curriculum can not be done haphazardly, where we need the expertise and also the suitability of the curriculum that were given previously. To the ability of the science of psychology is that we can have the ability to form a curriculum that is appropriate and also have a conformity with the curriculum before it is made. So the function of psychology in the management of the curriculum can get with the right.

11. Can see the character of each student

By having the science of psychology we can also get other functions such as the establishment of a character in the formation of the personality of each of the students an example of each of the learners are indeed usually has a different character, so that for the problem of the function of psychology in learning that one is indeed very important to be owned by each teacher.

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