11 Relationship Guidance Counseling In Bullying Behavior

In recent years, bullying cases in Indonesia have experienced a drastic increase. This is something that really needs to be a concern for all of us to always pay attention to our children to avoid the problem of bullying at school. Because as we all know, this one case is indeed increasing in incidence in schools.

Even according to research that has been done cases of bullying continue to increase every year. It even reached 339 cases. Some of them also died. For this reason, this case is indeed not a case that we should take lightly because of the severe effect on this issue.

With the increasing number of bullying cases, this one must also become a matter of concern for the government in Indonesia, especially educators in Indonesia. The existence of this bullying behavior really needs to open the eyes of all of us, especially parents and educators in schools. Because the school that should be a good place to gain knowledge has actually become the wrong place with the development of bullying practices or cases.

As parents, we also need to know that this case is a case that must be taken seriously, because it can cause discomfort, both for the victim and for the victim's family. For this reason, in this article, we will discuss 11 relationships between counseling guidance in bullying behavior and also the role of parents in bullying cases.

1. Become a leader in oppression

Counseling or someone who is more accurately referred to as a counselor for those who are authorized to carry out their duties must have a very important influence on the perpetrators of bullying. With the guidance of this counselor, this one can certainly be used as a leader in bullying, which for this will also reduce bullying behavior in schools, because every counselor must have good knowledge about how to overcome bullying cases in the community.

2. Through counseling teaches us to fight bullying.

What we need to know here is that having a counselor in school or guidance carried out through this counseling will definitely teach students to be able to fight bullying. Besides being useful for perpetrators and victims, counseling can also make witnesses of bullying aware of things that are not good to do. So that in the end prevention can be done.

3. Disseminate information on bullying prevention

Counselors of course have their own duties or jobs. One of them is as stated by the national model ASCA (2005) where one of the things that is the responsibility of the counselor is to be able to disseminate information about matters relating to this bullying phenomenon.

In addition, if necessary, you should also hold a method or a workshop that discusses the topic of bullying. This strategy can also be carried out by meeting between parents and educators and students at schools so that they can add insight and knowledge about bullying cases.

4. With counseling can overcome the causes and impacts that occur.

When there is a bullying case, where as a counselor, of course, you must know in advance about the warning signs as well as the causes that occurred in this one case. So that with proper counseling, it can be handled more wisely and quickly regarding matters related to the beginning of bullying in schools.

5. It is possible to prepare an action plan

This case of bullying should be taken as our common concern, especially parents who have children at school age. With the right counseling, we can make a good plan about what actions we should take later. These plans can also be related to what things make the counselor better understand how to handle this one case.

6. An anti-bullying policy can be implemented

Many doubt whether the role of counseling in cases of bullying can be properly carried out. The answer is of course. Why is that? Because with counseling education later every educator or person in charge of the school or campus environment can make policies.

This policy must also be carried out officially through educational programs. One of them is an anti-bullying policy that is implemented in every educational environment. This method can also be one way to minimize bullying cases that occur.

7. Bringing positive influence on children

In the world of counseling learning, we will usually be given various things that make us understand and be aware of the steps that need to be taken to overcome this problem. One of them by bringing a positive influence. With the bullying case, we should evaluate what positive effects can be found in it.

8. Overcome bullying cases in a wise way

Many have handled this case with violence against the perpetrator, well, especially if the perpetrator is still in school education age, proper direction should be given. With the counseling relationship in bullying behavior, it can also help in dealing with bullying cases in a much wiser and wiser way. In addition, it can be seen the influence of bullying on the mental development of adolescents. This will reduce the negative effects in the future.

9. Can work with parents and educators

This case does require good cooperation between parents and educators. For this reason, with the counseling carried out, later the counselor and parents can work together to overcome this one case in a wiser and more positive way.

10. Quickly help victims of bullying

Usually there are some people who do not understand how to help victims of bullying by not adding to the burden on them. Well, with counselor education, we will be able to understand more about the best way to help victims so they don't add to their burden.

11. Identify cases of bullying

In this case, collaboration between teachers, parents and counselors must be carried out in this way, it can also build good relationships between students and other important components so that they can overcome and identify cases of bullying in a fast way. because the impact itself is not only on the victim, but also the psychological impact of the bullies we must pay attention to.

Those are 11 relationships of counseling guidance in bullying behavior that have a big role in dealing with the causes and effects of bullying.

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