12 The Importance Of Parenting In Early Childhood

As parents of course we have the confidence and desire of the child to have a good life. In addition, children also need to have to grow flower grow better in his daily life. Because it will be very influential in the life of his future later.

Children who are educated in a good environment, will certainly grow up to be a good boy, but if the child is educated on the environment that one is definitely for the future, the child will not be someone who is beneficial to the environment. For children two years of age or toddlers cells of the brain was already starting to grow and evolve, even reaching 80%.

The child also began to absorb the information and recognize who the people are always there beside him, including to the two parents. Physical development of the child will also start to experience a lot of changes, because the level of spiritual and also mental already be well formed. We need to know, in the theory of perception of a period of development is referred to as the golden age of the child.

Where the future will never reoccur. For that an important role of the parents to provide guidance and also good stimulation for the child. So later in the future the child began to be improving all the knowledge and also form a character that is in him. Well, here are some things about the importance of parenting in early childhood.

1. The simulation of the development of the child

The importance of parenting in early childhood can be used as a simulation in the development of the child. Where the children at this age do indeed need to be taught directly by her parents. For example, how to talk, how to behave, hear and other. in addition, we can make communication even since a child is still there in the stomach. Where it could also stimulate the development of the brain and motor development of children in the future.

2. The development of behavior

As parents we also need the thighs if what we do will be seen and also emulated by the children. For that you should give a good example. By teaching parenting on the child will be very influential on behavior later in the future.

For that we do need to be careful when talking and being in the presence of a child, because children are imitators good. He will replicate anything he sees. Including how to talk and the attitude of both her parents. It also makes children have a concept of self in his life. And don't get us pointed out the wrong things san is also mistaken.

3. Shaping the character of children

When parents want to shape the character of a child, in fact it is not a difficult thing, because the character of the child is even already be established when the child is still in utero. One of them with good nutrition.

After the children were born and then slowly we teach about how to be good in an older, speak good, and also pointed out the good things to the child, so that later the child also has the curiosity and began to do all things that he saw.

4. As the affection and attention

One of the importance of parenting in early childhood is to give love and attention in children. Moreover, the current is a lot of working mothers already do not have much time with her children.

So it is with parenting since early later the child will feel more compassion from both of its parents. In addition, attention is given both his parents would be felt by the children who create a child can be the same for his future later.

5. As the influence of the nature of the child in the future

Children who are given the pattern of care since the early with good will make the future much better. It is also our view of the role of parents that will greatly affect the properties in the future.

6. Easy to communicate

Often the modern era such as now we see the relationship between parents and children increasingly tenuous. It also happens due to the difficulty of communicating between the two sides. Well, if you've been accustomed to do parenting better since an early age, surely the children will be much easier to communicate to adults.

And indeed after the proven children who are given parenting early childhood is more appreciate the parents, and have kedetakan much better than children who did not receive parenting that is better when smaller.

7. Build honesty

Important parenting of the child of early age will also affect of the ready to the honesty of a child. Children who are given parenting is good when an early age will establish honest attitude that better even than his age is still small. And will be different for children who are not given the pattern of care from an early age, where children are certainly will be much more difficult to build honesty in him.

8. Preventing violence in the family

Parenting well in an early age also helps in preventing the occurrence of violence in the family. Because the family that had been accustomed to give parenting is good for kids will make a family one and the other much more love. From this we can see that the children have more of a sense of compassion that much better with his family.

9. Establish a rapport with parents

A good relationship with the parents is certainly much needed. By providing parenting better at an early age will certainly be very closely related and affect the immediacy of a child - a child with her parents. in addition, relations parenting parents with the confidence a good boy this will last until the child is mature age.

10. Intelligent power brain

In building the intelligence power of a child's brain is actually not difficult. One of them we can start from the easiest thing, is to provide parenting in early childhood. Parenting will also greatly affect the intelligent power and grasp of the child. Because children who have parenting well indeed proven to be much more intelligent.

11. Emotions are more stable

The importance of parenting in early childhood is able to make the kids have emotions that are much more stable. It is related to the power the intelligence the brain of the child. Where children who have parenting since early will be much have a good emotion.

12. A spiritual life that is good.

Every parent wants a child who world success hereafter. If we can educate children successful in the world, of course, should be in balance with the success of education in the hereafter. Well, to give parenting an early age also it can make the spiritual life of the child is getting better.

That's 12 things about the importance of parenting in early childhood that need to be considered parents in educating and raising a child. Hopefully useful.

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