12 The Influence Of Self-Regulation Of Learning Outcomes Of Students

Education is one of the most important factors in human life. Moreover, the increased progress of the era of digital technology as it is now, you certainly do not want to say humans outdated isn't it? Especially if its insights. It also needs to be supported with the goal of a good education in every Country. So indirectly it will also affect the quality and the quality of education in the country.

The quality of an education actually can easily see, the trick is to see the results of student learning in a country or place, whether the education in it has been well achieved or not. By looking at the learning outcomes of students later we can prove whether the success in the world of education has been achieved or not.

This way also we can see from the results of the learning students have already achieved the quality of education by looking at the value or the report of the results of the study that has been done. Whether the students achievement and also to be able to pass with good grades. So from the results of the value of learning that will define the predicate of student learning.

The process of learning in school also we can see with proof and also gauge whether the students are able to receive learning with good, or not. And whether the material has been given can be delivered properly by the teacher or the teacher concerned. Well, here are 12 of the influence of self-regulation on learning outcomes.

1. A good motivation

The influence of the first of the influence of self-regulation on learning outcomes is to provide the best motivation. with the motivation of a good student can learn to be much better, in addition we can also get the desire to learn the earnest so that they can produce the results of the study with good grades. Motivation is also very we need to make the learning process becomes much more a spirit that will ultimately affect the value of the end result of learning.

2. Can measure yourself with a good

Overall, some of the students who have self-regulation which could well make the learning process as a necessity. It could also make himself can guide the person in a condition in making the right strategy in order to improve cognitive learning.

3. Able to create a good social environment

This can be seen from the behavior of the students. For example, just like the condition of a good social environment. Because of environmental psychology course can already we can see a student who has self-regulation which could well make the learning achievement is much better, as well as to create conditions of social environment as well. So that the learning achievement of the higher will be created also from those things which will strongly affect the value of the student also at the end.

4. Have self-regulation nice

Self-regulation and good will is needed to make the process of learning becomes much more fun. With self-regulation also can make the students have self-regulation is high and also the setting of the learning process which makes it can set all the learning activities he does, so that the learning achievement of a good can also be achieved by itself.

5. Have an active role in the classroom

Environmental social or psychological social in it is also very important we have, in particular students who have self-regulation, which ultimately can regulate the ability of learning well. Even automatically will be able to have an active in the classroom. The desire to learn higher and to make his achievements will be so much better, and can Reduce the learning achievement of which will usually decreases as time goes by.

6. Have an attitude of good learning.

The influence of the following to be clearly visible is the attitude of learning a child, where children who have self-regulation is good in the end will also be able to have the attitude of learning that better anyway. Even the children also have the best power in a motivation to make the learning as a major requirement.

7. Create a positive situation

A good study environment would need to be very we need. With self-regulation between the teacher and students will also be able to create a conducive learning atmosphere and also leads to a positive situation.

So that each student can develop himself into a much better and this can affect the learning achievement and also the value that is owned by the students as well. The development of the learning outcomes can also greatly affect whether the student can get the results of a good lesson anyway.

8. Intellectual abilities

The success of a good learning we can also see from the intellectual ability of the students as well. With the results of the value of a good student later we can determine whether the success in learning this has been achieved is not. So if there is an error occurs can be directly carried out the evaluation of the learning back.

9. Changes in behavior

The influence of regulation of the learning outcomes also we can see from the behavior of the students or learners who influenced also from the results of the learning. with a change in behavior is also based on the mastery and also a variety of materials that have been successfully given during the learning process in the future. And also we can see from the changes in behavior and also the formation of concepts in cognitive psychology that is owned by every student.

10. Strengthen the character of the child

The influence of self-regulation can also affect the character of the child or the students can learn well. Of self-regulation that good can also make a child's character become much more powerful. So of things we can also see from the results of a study on children later.

11. The achievements of the higher

One more thing that can be noticed, where when a person has self-regulation, which certainly will have a good study achievements. In the end it will also affect the value of learning the child later on.

12. The presence of aspects metakognitif

Self-regulation will also be very mempegaruhi aspects metakognitif a student, so this will also be related to learning achievement which is owned by the child later on.

Then a review of the influence of self-regulation on learning outcomes, hopefully in learning this time we will be able to see how the process better in learning as well as knowing what things can affect the learning outcomes of students.

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