12 Psychological Impact Of Bullying The Children's Age Up To Teen

Bullying is derived from the word bully, the meaning could mean something threatening. The threat of course can come from other people. When a person receives threats or bullying could be the person receives an impact in the form of psychic disturbances. Psychic disturbances that occur in victims of bullying also can vary. Can with disorders of the stress, fear, psychic disturbances, feeling of low self-esteem, anxiety , depression and a variety of other signs that can be seen in general.

A person who commit acts of bullying, generally can knowingly physical violence, to hurt, even can also lead to mental disorders on the victim. So for whatever reason, the act of bullying is indeed very prohibited and should not be done. The influence of bullying on the psychology of the child this can be in the form of actions that lead to physical, verbal, or also can be in the form of sexual violence carried out. Meanwhile there is also the psychological impact of bullying in the future.

The act of bullying can just threaten someone with a variety of ways. Include:

  • Do spread the gossip, by way of ridicule
  • Embarrass someone in front of many people
  • Intimidated and threatened his victims.
  • Can physically hurt the victim.
  • Deprivation or racketeering on the victim.

An expert also revealed about an act of bullying is prohibited and can be defined talib (2010:187) a process of mental or psychological violence that occurs, such as an attitude that denies equal rights and also humanity. With the abundance of research that has been done, it turns out that bullying is also usually in the underlying of the actors who have personality authoritarian, always want to be listened to and also want to control other people. Well, the psychological impact of bullying include:

1. Cause fear and anxiety

In general the impact is most easily seen from someone who is affected by bullying is fear and also anxiety dimiliknya. It certainly will greatly affect the daily activities of the person. Where the consequences of bullying can cause feelings of fear and also anxiety in him. Usually this also occurs in a person or a child who is in school is always experiencing bullying, so there is finally the child always feel fear and are also reluctant to go to school.

2. Feel depressed

Depression arise as a result of prolonged stress, and could be prolonged stress also come in because of the existence of an act of bullying that is done. For that if we look at the behavior of bullying around us, indeed, we should be more considered in advance and prevented, because it can have an impact not good for the victim.

3. Feel anxious all the time.

Another impact that we can see from the behavior of bullying are with felt uneasy every time. Someone who is affected by bullying usually have a sense of fear that a prolonged, and it can indeed have an impact on the life of the person. so as someone who is affected by bullying will feel anxious all the time. Day - to-day that passed was a very gloomy and the person may find it hard to concentrate. Of course the impact this will greatly affect the psychological person.

4. Temper

Someone who is affected by bullying behaviour can also have an impact on the behavior know the attitude of someone who looks more irritable. If someone wasn't much being patient, but after receiving the treat of bullying can so the person will have properties that are easily upset and can't control the anger in him such.

5. Reduced self-esteem

The perpetrators of the bullying never actually want to know the consequences or the impact that could have happened to the victim. Even in addition to can be exposed to depression. A person that receives the treat of bullying can also have an impact on him that felt less price himself. It could also berdmapak on him that felt low self-esteem.

6. Thinking about killing yourself

The impact of the most fatal that we can see of a person affected by treatment of bullying is thought to end his life. In fact, of course, is very strictly forbidden by the religion. Especially with suicide also will not solve the problem, even more to add to the more problems there are.

7. Hard berkonstentrasi

Especially for kids who always receive the treat of bullying in school, will usually have an impact on him that it is difficult to concentrate every day. Even the children were also reluctant to go to school. Certainly it could also disrupt lessons in school.

8. Always feel moody

The other impact that we can see from the person who received the treatment of bullying is seen of her that always felt moody. If the child was always cheerful, but after treated with arbitrarily could be just the thing that resulted in him being more moody.

9. Afraid to go to school

Treat bullying this indeed can happen anywhere. But most of the biggest occurs indeed at the school. Well, for the children who receive treatment of bullying will of course have much impact on him, like one afraid to go to as this certainly will affect the activities of the school.

10. Feel lazy to learn

Other things that can be seen from the impact of treat bullying this is a child who feels lazy to learn. Not only while in school, but children who received treatment bullying is always lazy to learn and one of them was also studied. So that in the end will greatly affect the values in school.

11. Affect the learning achievement

The most visible impact of the treatment of bullying are the children who receive it will greatly affect academic achievement. With this treatment would indeed be very influential on children in school. One of them the value that is getting worse, and of course will lower academic achievement.

12. Violence in the future

Children are usually often subjected to bullying usually will greatly affect on her attitude in the future. One of them the child will do the same thing to other people, and it is of course as a chain which can't be break up, continuously and retaliation by other people. As this will also cause the nature of violent behavior on the child. so the role of parents in the case of bullying is indeed very important.

Bullying or anything related to any violence is indeed very forbidden, especially if we see a case of bullying is indeed often occurs and is difficult to be separated by the behavior of today's teens. with the cases of bullying, especially in the area of the school or the neighborhood teenagers, we should be more concerned again, so that it can prevent and follow up on the things that are associated with violence. The influence of bullying on the mental development of the young is indeed very fatal, because it will be very influential on the improvement of the mental, and also the personality of someone's child.

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