13 Benefits of Exercise for Children According to Psychology

The benefits of exercise don't only do the benefits for maintaining the health and weight loss for adults. Moreover, the benefits of exercise also has a myriad of benefits for a child. Start invite a child to love to do the benefits of exercise as early as possible, in order that he get the benefits immediately. Here are 13 Benefits of Exercise for Children According to Psychology.

1. Improve intelligence

According to researchers at Michigan State university's Institute, a boy who likes to do the benefits of exercise proven to be more intelligent than those who did not. They reveal, the benefits of exercise can help teach a child to concentration on the task, and manage time more effectively.

2. More sportive

Lose and win is the usual thing in the game. But in the benefits of exercise, they are taught to appreciate lose and win with sportsmanship. They can shake hands with his opponent, no matter what the result of the match. When mature, the attitude of sportsmanship will get carried away and make them more appreciative of your friends and try to do the best and sportsmanship.

3. A means of socialization

The benefits of exercise can be a social network instant for a child. For a child who tends to be closed and insecure, the benefits of exercise could be a good way to increase self-confidence and their association. The team benefits sports offer friendship and solidarity among members, and this will help a child to develop a friendship.

4. Build confidence

The benefits of exercise can help increase the self-confidence of a child, especially if they can make an achievement. The benefits of exercise provides the opportunity for a child to learn, achievement, and positive thinking about yourself through the development of skills. This physical activity will foster a healthy self-image and a positive assessment of yourself.

5. Teach cooperation

Some types of the benefits of exercise in groups such as football requires good teamwork. The benefits of exercise will help a child to be able to cooperate with other members, understand the rules, and listen to the coach so outstanding. Be part of a group and learn to do what is best for the team became one of the benefits of performing the benefits of exercise.

6. Help determine the target

The benefits of exercise, the final target to be achieved is to bring home the trophy, winning the tournament, and scored the maximum score. However, before grabbing it all, the players must master the basic techniques and skills of the benefits of exercise. Through this process, the benefits of exercise provide valuable experience for a child to determine the long-term goals and short in their lives.

7. Foster perseverance

A child who follow the various classes of the benefits of exercise must have said the specific words to encourage himself. And these words are usually carried over to cheer her when failing to do a variety of things. A child who likes to do the benefits of exercise have been trained to face the wound, disappointment, and defeat. They are taught to face their failures with tranquility, and strive more diligently in the next game.

8. Prevent crime

Empty a few hours in the afternoon not uncommon to make a child get bored quickly. Rather than wandering is not clear, you should ask them to do the benefits of exercise because this can prevent them from promiscuity is not true, and also a crime.

9. Give happiness

However, the benefits of sport is a game. The game aims to provide a fun activity for a child. As a first step to introduce the benefits of sports in a child, get them running, jumping, throwing, catching, diving, swimming, and others. Do this so that they know that the benefits of exercise it is fun, it is easy to make them do the benefits of exercise.

10. Improve academic skills

According to researchers at Michigan State University Institute, a boy who do the benefits of sports perform better in school than those who do not. Participation in the benefits of exercise teaches a child to focus on the task and manage their time effectively.

A child who participate in the benefits of exercise could hone the skills of sportsmanship them well. Shake hands with the competition, no matter what the outcome of a match, being able to accept defeat and try to do the best for himself and the team as a whole.

11. Got the achievement

The benefits of exercise can be a way to build a social network instant to a child. Cooperation as a team or meet other rivals will create a network of friendship increasingly widespread.

A child will develop self-esteem through achievement. The benefits of exercise gives the opportunity to a child to learn, achieve something, and feel good about themselves. Support from parents and coaches will encourage the improvement of their performance in a positive direction so that the cultivate self-image is good.

12. Learn how to make the best

A child will get to know all kinds of social subjects that is very valuable through the benefits of exercise. Be part of a group and learn to do what's best for the team as a whole is one of the most valuable benefits of the benefits of sport for a child.

Bring home the cup champion, won the tournament, is the final destination of the benefits of sports for a child. The benefits of exercise to give valuable experience in solving short-term goals and long term. A child are taught to undergo a process and need to work hard before getting something.

13. Coaching perseverance

The benefits of sports to teach a child not to give up easily when facing injury, disappointment, and defeat. They learn to cope with defeat with a calm and work harder for the benefit of the next round with full diligence.

Juvenile delinquency such as violence, vandalism, drug use and other can be minimized with the sport. Regular exercise schedule to make a child could not create the problem in a crime of that sort, and they will be more focused towards the achievement of their achievements.

In addition to health, do the benefits of exercise are also a fun activity to do. The cooperation of the team, cheering support a friend, a hug when managed to do something, and the other will make a child committed on benefits of exercise in the long term. Outside the hours of a boring lesson, the benefits of exercise is the time a child to play and have fun with your friends.

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