13 How to Train Social Skills in Children

Social skills is a form of socialization. the skills that this one is indeed very important-have for every early childhood. In the skills also in it there is a learning process, where a child who had not been able to be can. That was not a skilled now become skilled. Social skills can also be described as an interaction that is done by others, where in it there is training that has a goal to teach a child to interact with the way other individuals.

In life, the name of social skills is of course very important to be owned by a child, so that they could be someone whose life is more harmonious. In the science of psychology, social skills are also translated through a variety of opinion by some experts. Where such opinion is:

  • Marek (2008) social Skills as a specific behavior, initiative, engarahkan social outcomes that are expected as of the shape of a person's behavior.
  • Comsd & slaby (gimpel and merrel, 1998) social skills is the ability to interact with others in a social context in ways which can be accepted socially and values and at the same time useful for himself and also others.
  • Libet and lewinsohn (cartledge and milburn,1995) social skills as the ability of a complex to be able to show good behavior, assessed as positive or negative by the environment. And if that behavior is not good will be given a punishment by the environment.

The Theory Of Social Skills

Social skills also have some theories between theories that can help from the skills associated with the social environment that exists. Before knowing how to train social skills in a child, first know the theory about social skills.

The Theory Of Behavior

In this theory there is an opinion that is to say, the child was described as a white paper ready to be filled by adults. Where environmental psychology and also the social psychology of the child that will very influence it.

The Theory Of Erikson

In theory this is brought to the opinion of the psychoanalytic theory that have focused on the presence of the ego and also sbeuah meaning in its development, erikson also believed that each to atahapan in human life has its own characteristics.

Theory koginitif social

In a concept of bandura's cognitive theory has determinism reciprocal can be expressed by the existence of a constant interaction very mempengauhi behavior in the social environment.

How to Train Social Skills in Children

1. Do fostering relationships with adults

If likened to, children are a blank paper that is indeed ready to be filled by adults. In this case also adults should always be ready to help them in solving all the problems, of course, it must comply with the requirements. The child will be trained his social skills with always maintain good relationships with adults, especially parents and also the teachers at the school. As parents also need to be able to keep the feelings of the child, do not let children feel hurt. this is the importance of the role of parents in the formation of the child's personality.

2. Conduct training with the group

The way this one is made to do coaching with a group of children's learning. Where the relationship of the group that built these can help children know idensititas child's self-esteem and keep it in the activity patterns of everyday life. The child will also be able to do the activity and also routines as well as to obey a variety of rules in the set of the school and appreciate the feelings and property of others.

3. Conduct training with other children

Children should be taught to defend themselves, so they can demand things his way which could be more acceptable, and also accept a turn in the conduct of communicating desire, entered into negotiations with the event that is received by the presence of the group in his school.

4. Nurture the child as an individual good

As parents, we are also obliged to teach children to learn in a responsible. Especially in the self help of his own, doing verbal communication and also to keep to herself. The child should also be able to express his feelings well, because at this time quite a lot of people may not be aware of the importance of social life. Since from an early age was the child should be taught the importance of it.

5. Self introduction

How this is done and really needed to be a good social relationship, we must also teach the child to be able to recognize his identity as knowing who his name, the name of his parents, a place to live and also desire children, as well as the behavior and also social life experienced by the child too, of course.

6. Introduce good emotions

Since from an early age to teach children to recognize emotions that exist within herself. Children also have to understand to know the types of emotions because it can make it more knowing the emotional control that he did, so that later they can be in accordance with the demands of the environment.

7. Teach empathy

Train a child to learn social skills should also be understandable and understood that have the skills and also to develop and foster a sense of social skills to appreciate each other and also can avoid the misconceptions that exist.

8. Teach the child a sense of sharing

Early also children should be taught about the flavor share with other people. The child should be able to have a sense of togetherness and also a variety of things it has. This way is also to make the child learn not only concerned himself alone. So that later can cause quixotism, as well as mutually considerate towards others.

9. Sympathy

Other skills that should be nurtured early as sympathy and also emotions. The feeling that one is indeed usually influenced by the emotions of pity and also compassion with others, and the presence of an action. Because a child must have a sense of sympathy towards others.

10. Helping others

The other way that can be done to train social skills is to teach please help. With the help of course can foster self-awareness in children with a sense of social awareness in a social environment and also in the groups of children who are much more extensive.

11. Taste compete

By teaching the skills of this one to be able to make a child outperform or beat the other kids. It also teaches the child to be able to see the advantages and also disadvantages in him.

12. Gives a positive attitude

A positive attitude instilled by parents are also able to teach a child to be able to have his social skills very well.

13. Give attention to the child

Always give attention to the child, will the child be much better know and understand about compassion. It can also make it do the same thing on other people.

Thus the discussion about how to train social skills in children. Hopefully useful.

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