17 Characteristics Of Effective Teachers In The Perspective Of Educational Psychology

Being a teacher is one of the professions that are most difficult that must be recognized. Methods of educational and instructional require intelligence and accuracy of delivery so that only know the material being taught is not enough. And not only that the problem is there if someone also became a teacher. He must know how to deal with all the students with a behavior unique to them and adjust to the role of the teacher in the learning process. Teaching can be a fulfilling activity for those who can do it better.

All teachers want to be a good teacher, but what precisely into the qualifications of a good teacher? What are the skills, talents and characteristics that can be learned or taught that a person can be a good teacher is? Despite all of the great teacher has his own style that unique, there are still things needed to make a person able to teach effectively both in basic education and higher education. If every teacher has the characteristics and certain quality, then he will be able to become effective teachers in imparting knowledge to the students.

The Quality Of The Effective Of A Teacher

Some research has shown that the quality of education will be increased if the teacher can also meet the criteria of the characteristics of an effective teacher in the perspective of psychology here.

1. Competent in their fields

It is very important that a teacher can have a good landing of the subjects that will be taught. The role of the teacher in developmental psychology is also very significant. Of course the knowledge that he had more than just the terms, facts, and concepts. Have ideas organized and understand how to do also necessary, is also able to discuss every aspect of the subject and to use their knowledge in other fields as well.

2. Has teaching strategies

To teach well, one of the characteristics of an effective teacher in the perspective of psychology is to do with the strategic approach through the exercise of constructive. Thus, students will be seen as the expert little theory which is building his own world. Therefore the strategy should be developed based on exploration, discovery, and critical thinking skills.

3. Has teaching purposes

Effective teachers will be the focus in determining a specific goal in teaching and creating a plan to achieve them. Good planning requires a lot of time, but doing so will make the process of teaching will be a challenge. When students grow up they will also change in how to learn and how to overcome the difficulty. Therefore, teachers should know what are the stages of development of the child in order to develop the instruction of learning that is appropriate for each stage.

4. Able to control the room learn to

Characteristics of an effective teacher in the perspective of psychology that are important are also able to control the situation room of the class as a whole. Work in a team and use project is a great option, but to achieve the master must have a certain amount of skill. This belongs to the set of rules, organized a group, keep an eye on, dealing with bad behavior and so forth. A good teacher should be able to bring the atmosphere of the in the class as a democratic atmosphere.

5. Able to motivate

If the student does not have the necessary motivation, the quality of teaching will be low. So it will be very good for teachers to use strategies that can stimulate interest in the lessons. Characteristics of an effective teacher in the perspective of psychology will be able to change the task of educating a creative and stimulating, and this will improve the quality of the teaching process is.

6. Able to communicate well

However clever a person, if he is not able to convey his knowledge to others in a way that not only can be understood or connected, then such knowledge would be of no use. Characteristics of an effective teacher in the perspective of psychology need to have good communication skills in verbal, non-verbal, the ability to speak, write, imaging, body language and setting the idea into the fabric that is easy to understand that very good.

7. The ability to hear very good

In addition to being a good communicator, a good teacher should also be able to be a listener out of the ordinary. In a learning environment that is ideal, the teacher will ask the important things and be active, be careful and emphatic will listen to what is conveyed by the students. When these qualities are developed by the teachers themselves, then they will be amazing and to use what he had heard to improve communication.

8. Have in-depth knowledge

If a teacher is less knowledge of the subjects they teach, then it will decrease to the disciples. Have an interest in the field being taught and to understand the psychology of education is also very necessary. Like a subject will encourage someone to learn more, dig deeper and think harder about it. Teachers – the best teacher is obviously those who love the subjects of the lessons, able to answer the questions of students with the right, expand the discussion with examples, illustrative, and the relevant facts.

9. Able to connect with students

Characteristics of an effective teacher in the perspective of psychology is not just enough to know what was discussed, but a good teacher is not only teaching from his head. The liver is also sometimes need to be involved in the process of teaching, so that a good teacher will be able to build a relationship of mutual care about their students and that allows the exchange of information smoothly. This will occur especially when the teacher loves the job and also all the students they teach are also included how to teach a hyperactive child in school.

10. Friendly and approachable

Because the task of the teacher to help students learn, then they must be approachable. Students will certainly have questions that cannot be answered if the teacher is not friendly and not easy to talk to. Teachers can not be approached, arrogant, irritable, vile and rude can not last long. If students think the teacher is their enemy, then they've certainly will not be able to learn more. The best teachers are those who the most open, welcoming and approachable.

11. Have a strong work ethic

Everyone who has ever taught certainly already know that this is one of the most difficult job ever. Secret to be able to continue is that the great teacher is actually really wants it and will not stop unless it is already achieving success. A great teacher will do almost anything to help their students to get a solution, and never stop trying.

12. Able to build a community

Characteristics of an effective teacher in the perspective of psychology will understand the importance to build an environment that is supportive and full cooperation. The best teachers will adopt a good relationship with each of his students as well as mutual respect between the students. Teachers will know how to build a guide and assign the role to ensure the participation and involvement of each student. So that each student not only feel accepted by a larger group but that their presence is also important in the classroom.

13. Have high expectations

Research shows that the expectations of teachers have a great impact on the achievement of students. Master the most well-will have high expectations to all students, but in terms of challenging and realistic. This does not mean they are demanding the same standards to all students, but they can know the potential of each of his students and help them to achieve their potential are the most good as part of the role of the teacher in developing the talents of students.

14. Can work in difference

Now this is very normal to have a condition that varies culturally. Therefore, another ability that must be possessed of a teacher is to know the one about the culture of the students, in order to improve the interaction with the rest of the classroom. Their role is to encourage students to interact in a positive and prevent cultural conflicts.

15. Able to assess properly

Effective teachers will know the level of learning of each student. To know this, teachers need to understand how to use evaluation tools are different, learn the strengths and weaknesses of his disciples. Now these teachers often use evaluation to test the extent to which the ability of students and then develop a viable learning with a variety of learning methods accordingly.

16. Have the ability technology

Technology if used properly can be an effective tool to improve the quality of education. That's why good teachers need to update their knowledge of new technologies. They should also know how to use it in the best way in the educational environment, and can also help students to get more familiar with the technology.

17. Able to recognize the difference

No two students are exactly the same. Each has a quality of their own learning and also his own personal. Being a good teacher involves the ability to recognize individual differences is. And not only that, they also have to adapt the teaching style to be adapted to the characteristics of each of his students, can also see how to determine the child's talent early on.

Based on the characteristics of an effective teacher in the perspective of psychology it can be seen that how the teaching profession is a profession that is full of demands. Looks like it will be almost impossible for someone to be able to fulfill all of these criteria, with all the responsibility that must be borne by a teacher. But we can still find teachers that is full of responsibility and dedication to his work and its role in guiding children in the school in the levels of any kind. The teacher is a central figure in children's education. Because it's the consequences of having a bad teacher will make some children will not develop its full potential. On the other hand, for qualified teachers then we will need to have the training for it. Then the investment in education is one of the best investment that can be made by the community for the future.

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