17 Ways of Child Exploration That Parents Can Apply at Home

Creativity is one thing that is very important and also needs to be explored by every educator and parent. Because it is not only education that makes a child successful, but creativity is also one of the most important things. Well, to be able to help children's creativity, of course there are things that really need to be done. As parents, we can also ask for help from children's creativity institutions so that later children can explore various things around them. The importance of parenting in early childhood will also greatly affect the way we teach children.

At the golden age of children, we should help children be more explored with various activities that they can do. Apart from that, as a parent, you also have to know how to improve your child's motor skills. Especially when the child has entered the age of 1 year, where at that age there are many things that children can begin to imitate, for example by imitating sounds and also helping children to develop more optimally. So as parents we must also be diligent in providing stimulus to children. Apparently the psychological influence of breastfeeding mothers on babies also needs to be known to add insight to the mother. train children's imagination and also with daily activities that can develop more children's exploration, so that children can avoid boredom. For this reason, the following things or ways of child exploration:

1. Helping Children Recognize Color

When the child enters the age of 1 year as a parent, you can start introducing children to the types of colors. So that later the child is not confused, teach one type of color, for example, first introduce red and green, after the child begins to memorize it, test the introduction of the color. Then you can start introducing other types of colors.

2. Getting to Know Nature

Another way of exploration is to introduce children to nature. Where you can start to recognize the types of animals, trees, leaves, flowers. In addition to increasing children's vocabulary, later children will be able to start developing their imagination for the better after seeing what is around them.

3. Playing With Sand

Another way you can do is to introduce various games that make children more explored. One of them invites children to play in the sand while on the seafront. With sand media, your little one will be able to learn about textures, write on sand and develop their creativity.

4. Recognizing Various Objects

The next thing you can do is introduce your child to various objects around them. For example, household appliances, types of vegetables, food, or other things at home. So that the vocabulary will increase and the child's knowledge will increase.

5. Play With Lego

One type of game that can help other children's exploration is to play lego. This game is very interesting, because with Lego the child will disassemble and arrange the boxes that will be used as a building, so that the child's brain development will be much better.

6. Playing With Fingers

Doing this finger game is very easy, the mother can begin to describe the shape of the face on the child's finger, which by means of the game can begin to play a role. In addition to developing children's imagination, this method can also train children's imagination and language better.

7. Playing Chips

Doing puzzle games or with pictures will really help children's creativity, where you can choose the easiest type of puzzle image first, besides the bright colors will be interesting for children. Besides being able to train children's motor skills, this method of exploration can make children's brains train their imagination and also teach how to solve problems.

8. Exploration With Objects At Home

The next way you can take advantage of various objects at home. For example, by making tents from blankets and also making tables that are used as tents. Mothers can also explore other objects in the house so that children can start developing all their creativity.

9. Learn to String

You can teach stringing or meronce activities to girls, for example, mothers teach children to string bracelets from woolen threads with colorful beads. By stringing together like this, and combining the same color of beads, children will be taught to develop their fine motor skills. So that children's way of thinking will be trained from here.

10. Observation

This method of exploration will indeed be much easier, because at first the child will observe what is around him. For example, when she saw her mother washing vegetables, cutting vegetables, cooking and even doing housework such as sweeping and mopping. So with what he sees later the child will imitate.

11. Imagination Play

This method can be done anywhere. For example, when you are traveling in a car, you make simple stories that make children imagine well. so that this method will also train the brain and fine motor skills indirectly.

12. Playing Candle Dough

Playing with colorful candles is indeed very fun, especially besides being able to introduce children to different types of colors. This method of exploration will develop your little one's abilities with imagination and gross motor skills.

13. Play Hide and Seek

Playing hide and seek will make children learn their gross and fine motor skills. Do this game when the child is about 8 months old, besides being able to train the child to crawl, later the child can also have fun playing at home.

14. Play Airplane

Another way that can be done is to play airplanes. You can do this method when the child is 10 months old

15. Playing With Moving Pictures

The way this game can be done with a ball, for example rolling a ball and also playing toy cars, this method will make the relationship between mother and child closer and also train fine and gross coordination in children, increase children's exploration and also the ability of their coordination.

16. Playing Horses

The way this game can improve the ability of children's interactions with their environment, and the relationship between parents and babies can be more attached, besides that babies will also be trained to work together because in this game they have to practice self-control and include a type of self-control in psychology.

17. Play Peekaboo

This type of exploration game can be done at the age of 1 to 12 months. In this type of game, to train the baby's coordination and exploration, it does not require any equipment. This peek-a-boo game will teach babies about the concept of missing and missing notes. In addition, babies will learn about the forms of emotions shown through facial expressions.

So that's 17 ways to explore children that parents can apply. Read also the biological basis of human behavior that affects growth and development. Thus, parents will increasingly recognize their children's talents and understand their children's wishes. Because in fact the development of motor perception in children is different. Hope it is useful.

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