3 Characteristics of a Scale as a Psychological Measuring Tool

To get a high objectivity, there is a study that is related to data collection and also procedures that are considered to be much more accurate and considered more objective. In particular, ethics in measuring the psychology of quantitative approach is used, one of which relates to measurement data, which in addition will be much more valid and also more reliable. We also need to know, as a type of measuring instrument for this psychological scale, we can distinguish from the direction and form of the instrument in collecting more objective data.

In its characteristics as a measuring instrument scale, it also provides a form of instrument in data collection that is different from the others, one of which is in the form of a questionnaire (questionaire) and also the presence of another inventory. although it contains things that make us talk more about measurement scales, in fact we can equate this with a term or test in the development of measuring instruments and also the number of tests used. Both in the mention of the term test and also the scale used for things that are cognitive. Even in a book, it is often stated that the psychological scale is more directed to a measuring instrument or attribute used, for example by presenting a written format.

Some of the Characteristics of a Scale as a Psychological Measuring Tool include:

  • The use of stimuli or items on a psychological scale can generally be in the form of a statement that we cannot directly express in an attribute that can be measured other than a measurement of behavioral indicators and also the attributes of the person concerned. Actually the subject in it will also understand much more about matters relating to the content that has been used and also given. So in other words, the answers to these objective things are more about self-projection and also a typical picture of a reaction.
  • In psychological attributes we will directly identify a statement through an indicator. From the presence of these indicators, it will also relate to a behavior and also the number of items, so that psychologically there will also be many indications regarding matters relating to the measurement of attributes and also a conclusion related to the diagnosis response.
  • There is a subject response given and usually there is no clarification regarding right or wrong answers. So that the existing answers can actually be accepted well, even though they are done honestly and seriously. The existence of a score that is used is actually just a quantity that can represent an indication of the attribute being measured. Also know the steps in the development of psychological measuring tools carefully.

Some of the characteristics that have been given can also be a typical performance, which in its manifestation also becomes a distinctive character, namely a manifestation that comes with a person's character. Even these characters usually tend to a response that is raised consciously or unconsciously in matters relating to a situation. For its own use as a psychodiagnostic tool this and the existence of a study on a typical performance scale used as interest as well as disclosure of effective aspects. One of them is with matters that are closely related to variables and also other effective aspects.

In psychological terms, measurement is a quantitative process that is expected to produce a much more systematic data. As a measuring tool, it usually has achieved and also obtained attribute measurements in the presence of a physical field such as a flat area, a person's weight and also the speed of a vehicle, air temperature and the like which are generally universally accepted.

On the other hand, the measurement of non-physical fields in the field of psychology will also relate and also relate to developments that do not have perfection. For example, various measurement scales in psychology in a simple test carried out or a standard test (standard measure) and also a standardized plan (standardized measure) an optimal quality given in a psychological measurement (psychometry) even in this case. it reveals the existence of a relationship with the number of changes or tests that have been carried out. With these measurements we can see that there is an effort made to be able to get a success in developing psychological measuring tools that will be far of high quality.

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