Factors Affecting the Development of the Learners And the Explanation

Development is the process of human change associated with the increasing ability in the structure and function of the body so that it becomes more complex that continues to grow throughout life or not can be returned to its original state. Development in humans is located on the qualitative change associated with the psychological condition, but some also inseparable from the influence of biological structures.

Every human being must experience the development in his life, including learners. Learners are individuals who are working to achieve change for the better on him. Through the process of learning, the development in learners can be more focused and measurable.

The development in learners not regardless of the factors that influence it. There is a difference from some of the experts associated with this. Some say the opinion of hereditary factors, environmental factors, and the combination of these two factors .

The internal and external factors have an influence on the ability of the development of the individual. However, yet to be determined factors such as what is affect. The following are the factors that affect the development of the learners:

Factors Internal

1. Genes and the nature of the congenital (hereditary factors)

It can not be denied, the innate ability obtained from the parental influence on the development of the individual in physical, cognitive, and emotion. A family history of certain diseases or disorders can be dropped on the individual so that individual is most likely to have the disease or similar disorders.

On the other hand, the intelligence, the nature, the personality of the parents can also be dropped on the learners and provide a greater influence for intelegensinya than environmental factors.

2. Intelligence

Every individual must have different intelligence. Intelligence is a human ability that can be measured by looking at a few things such as analytical skills, memory, understanding, and abstraction.

J.J Rousseau said that the smart kid was born of parents who are intelligent anyway. In accordance with the research results of the expert of the University of Washington that proves the intelligence of a child is a big sourced from his mother who has two X chromosomes, the place of the gen intelligence.

3. Special talents

Individuals are born with certain talents, either directly can be known, and that is still hidden. The talent here is not only related to academic ability or intelligence, but also other abilities related to creativity and body.

If you continue to honed or get the media to develop a good, talent can be a media learners to become more than what he can today, for example, resulted in the achievement or work.

4. Personality

Personality is the dynamic organization among the physiological, cognitive, and affective that affect the behavior of an individual in adapting during his life. Each individual already has a personality that comes from genetic factors. As time passes, there may be adjustments personality, but will not change drastically.

Personality learners influence on how he responded to the environment, including addressing the problems he might face.

External Factors

1. Health and nutrition

Physical condition greatly affects the ability of learners in the process of learning. Maslow in his Hierarchy of Needs emphasizes the fulfillment of physiological needs is the foundation before the individual meets the needs of the other.

Learners who are healthy can run its activities to the optimum. This health must be supported by adequate nutrition and balanced. Thus physically he is ready to perform its activities.

2. The role of the family

The family is the smallest group and the first owned by an individual. As the first “school”, the planting of the basics of knowledge to the individual greatly affect the process of development in the future.

Parenting the right as well as the culture that is healthy in the family can help learners to develop in accordance with the phase of development which must be skipped. In addition, a harmonious relationship as well as the ability financially stable can also support the development of learners.

3. Social environment

Learners have the social environment of the place growing influence on the condition of the physical, psychological, and cognitive. The environment here is related to everything around the individual, be it other people, environmental conditions, facilities, and even social media that don't look the shape physically.

Environmental influence in a positive and negative. However, how the learners respond to the environment is strongly influenced by the planting of values and norms early on in the family. Thus the environment is not good do not guarantee individual has a development which is not good, and vice versa.

Thus the factors that affect the development of the learners. Some of the factors above can help parents and learners themselves in order to thrive.

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