3 How to Assess Psychomotor Students that must be understood

Learning is a process which individuals in order to thrive through change that is felt during the learning process. According to Bloom, the results of the study are divided into three aspects, namely cognitive, affective, and psychomotor or can be called also the aspects of knowledge, attitude, and skills.

The ability of psychomotor owned by students is the result of lessons learned as a cognitive ability and internalized through the ability of affective and applied for real through the ability of psychomotor.

The form of assessment of psychomotor students is a test to see the behavior directly. This assessment can also be referred to as a Performance Assessment by asking students to demonstrate or practice direct understanding and knowledge in accordance with the context of the lesson and the criteria.

The results of the ability of psychomotor students can be measured in several ways in stages, namely:

1. Direct observation during the learning

In the learning process, the teacher can look at the behavior of their students. Students can actively ask questions, actively answered, have the courage to express opinions, quick response, and so on. It can show the ability of psychomotor good students.

In addition, at the time of learning the teacher can also provide task-task practice on a regular basis so can see the ability of the students as well as to evaluate it before the final exam. It is important for students to know what is good and should be improved again so he can do his job with more focused. 

2. The results of the test after the learning

At the end of the learning process, there must be a test or an exam used to assess learning outcomes. Through the practice exams, the teacher can see directly how the performance of students when required to do himself what he already learned. 

During the practice, the teacher can see the ability of psychomotor each student and set his ability because in general, they do practice respectively. Even if in the form of a group, the teacher can observe directly the difference of the students to each other and see which students are working best.

Exam practice must be adapted to the learning undertaken within the time period specified. For example, the practice of drawing, playing musical instruments, made a speech, using the computer, be lakon drama, and so forth.

3. Look at the ability some time after the learning is completed

Although students can change each year, but by looking at the development of the student although he has not studied the specific material can also demonstrate the ability psikomotornya. The teacher can see if students ability after learning increased or at least not the same or there may be a decrease because it has been not studied again.

Psychomotor skill is the result that can be seen in the long term, not only when students finish learning. Success in maintaining this ability can indicate the level of effectiveness of the learning process that has been done before.

Thus, how to assess psychomotor students which can be done by the teacher. The ability of psychomotor no less important than the ability of the other so that must be seen to its success.

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