5 Differences Between Naughty And Smart Children That Need To Be Noticed

Every parent would want their child's condition to develop well, in terms of physical and intelligence and general psychological conditions. Having children who are smart and easy to manage is the hope of every parent, which of course must be correlated with the way the child is taught. Every child grows up by imitating what his parents taught him and the nature of the child will often be the same as the nature of his parents when he was a child.

Children can be smart, smart, and obedient when their parents used to be like that too. But to get it, parents must teach them the right way to be an obedient child. A child can also be a naughty child for some reason. Often, bad boys are identified with smart kids even though they should be able to be distinguished. Here are some differences between naughty and smart children in the explanation below.


Naughty children are often juxtaposed as one of the characteristics of intelligent people according to psychology because with their naughty behavior, children are believed to have high creativity. Of course, the characters of children who are just naughty and intelligent children are different from each other. Intelligent children can have clear characteristics of creativity and are often stubborn but have a clear basis. but naughty children are often rebellious and stubborn for no reason.

Not easy to set up

Smart and naughty children often have characters that are not easy to manage because they both want to be free in carrying out any activities they want. However, what distinguishes smart and naughty children is that naughty children are often not easy to manage and want to be on their own, but rather because of a sense of laziness, while intelligent children often do not want to be regulated because they have their own opinions and desires.

Interest to communicate

Intelligent children have one of the characteristics that can be seen from their behavior when communicating where they will often invite to chat with other people. In contrast to naughty children, they are more often quiet and talk less with strangers but will be very close to people who are very close and even less polite to people who are older than them. Frequently inviting children to communicate is one way to educate children to be smart.

Active Child

Smart children and naughty children often often become very active in their daily lives. Children with these two traits are difficult to control. The difference between the activeness of smart and naughty children can be seen from their cautious attitude and fear, intelligent children are often active but are still afraid to disturb others, but naughty children never know the condition of their surroundings from their active attitude.

Follow the order

Intelligent children will usually go their own way and often argue as one of the characteristics of a special intelligent child, but when he makes a mistake and indeed it can be explained by his parents, the child will obey and follow orders. In contrast to being intelligent, a naughty child will more often disobey orders even though he knows that what he is doing is wrong. This is the basic difference between a bad boy and a smart kid.

Those are some explanations about the differences between children and intelligent people that you need to know in order to give proper attention as parents. To make children smart, there are several steps that must be taken by parents, for example in explaining how to educate children aged 3 years to be smart.

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