5 An Example Of A Differential Method In Educational Psychology

The world of education has an important role in the formation of the character of the nation. So important that shape the personality, character, attitude also ethics in society.

Education in Indonesia is still oriented to the teaching model Dutch, the 9-year compulsory education. However, in reality, the world of education is inseparable from the various development methods are also technology in teaching. An example of the theory of reward and punishment in educational psychology can be applied.

In educational psychology has some of the methods are related to each other. To understand what are some examples of the method of differential in educational psychology to know as described below :

1. Method Of Experiment

This method is a method of observation carefully and clearly against psychiatric symptoms caused intentionally. It aims to test and determine the hypothesis maker experiments on the reactions of a person or group in certain situations or under certain conditions.

The purpose of the experiment is to determine the general nature of the psychiatric symptoms of the person and the group. For example, regarding the patterns of the mind, the turmoil of feelings, desires, memory, and so forth.

This method has the advantage of being able to control strictly to the factors that can lead to an outcome of the research itself. Following this theoretical developments in educational psychology various fields.

2. Methods Questions / Questionare

Example of the method of differential in educational psychology next is to provide specific questions to the patient. This method is a series of questions related to topic around the psychological, social, educational, economic, and so forth.

Aim to get the data with attention to the particular issue at any time can be used for diagnostic purposes and to assess the personality traits of the person and the group. Some of the goals developmental psychology in education and knowledge.

3. Clinical Methods

Clinical methods i.e. methods with how to recognize mental illness with a diagnosis, such as the treatment of disorders, physical, behavioral development and behavior. With this method can also know about the abnormalities that is owned by a person thoroughly and intensively within the time limit that is long enough.

There are several types of clinical methods used in solving problems such as clinical case study, case study development, how to longitudinal and how to cross sectional. Know emotional development in educational psychology.

4. Methods Of Case Study

Here's an example of the method of differential in educational psychology that is often used is the method of case study. A method of using a note about one's experience, about illness, education, environment, as well as care in general all the facts that makes sense in a medical case.

This way is much better if done with complete data and as well as possible. The Data taken is still associated with the patterns of behavior of a person not from the interpretation of the behavior. The impact and influence of character education to the soul of the child of early age.

5. The Method Of Introspection

A method used by an observation into one's own self to see the mental state at a particular time.

This method is used as an introspection to find out the mental processes that are happening in a person, how thoughts, feelings, motives that exist in a specific time.

This is where each individual observed the process of mental, to analyze, the next will be reporting on how the feeling of what happens inside of a person. Some examples of the benefits of the psychology of early childhood education that need to be developed.

Thus the explanation for example of the method of differential in educational psychology, may be the benefits and knowledge for You.

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