5 Mental Effects of Children on Bad Broken Home Families

Childhood is a phase in the human body that really determines how it will be when it grows up, including the abilities it has apart from heredity. The experiences and learning that children receive in their childhood will have an influence on the development of their psychological abilities. Children who had bad experiences in their childhood may have a mental condition that is affected in a negative direction. With this fact, parents have a big role in the growth and development of children both physically and psychologically.

As explained above, the experiences that children go through will have an impact on their psychological and mental conditions. A bad experience certainly directs his psychological development in a negative direction, and vice versa. Children whose families experience a broken home or a messy family and require separation between parents will certainly have a negative impact if not handled properly. Here are some explanations about the impact or mental influence of children on broken home families through the reviews below.

Don't trust their parents

Broken home is a term for a broken family and will usually end with the condition of the parents separating from each other. One of the biggest influences that can happen to children with broken homes is that their children will not easily trust their own parents and trust others more. Distrust of parents will trigger psychological disorders in adolescents.

The child will be moody

Mentally children who feel the condition of their broken home family will certainly be very hit and are usually often moody and spend more time alone. The child who is moody and spends his time alone is due to feelings of shame for his family's condition to be known by many people. Broken home children are also very difficult to open up with what they feel because they are covered by this shy attitude.

Making children have their own character

Feelings of distrust of parents and loss of respect can cause children to act on their own and become difficult to manage. The condition of children with broken home families is more likely to be naughty to do brutal things and violate many norms of life. Children with broken home families will also easily enter the wrong association. Broken homes are often the trigger for various kinds of mental disorders that have bad effects.

Emotional attitude in children

One form of mental influence of children on other broken home families is to make children have an easy emotional attitude, either angry or excessively sad. Children who are victims of broken homes become like that because of their experience often listening to their parents fight or cry. This emotional attitude will make it difficult for broken home children to get good achievements for themselves. Uncontrolled emotions can cause psychological disorders in adolescents in the future.

The loss of some children's figures and personalities

Children with broken home conditions will certainly lose one of their parents because they have to live separately and most children come with their mothers. Being away from his father makes him lose some figures such as authority figures, and personality figures of a father that he will not have. This condition in childhood will certainly trigger the emergence of symptoms of mental disorders in adolescents with a history of broken homes.

Those are some explanations about the mental influence of children on broken home families that need to be considered carefully.

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