6 How To Make A Child Understand The Failure According To Psychology

Failure and succeed is the opposite of the word which is often frowned upon and hated by many people, including children. The defeat is often considered the thing that should not be the case if the kids are playing or pitting in the race. The age of the child, but isn't yet understand the meaning of defeat is real.

Sometimes their perception is different with the perception of adults. Defeat can be kidding too banter for kids. Well, as a parent You have to know how to make children understand the failures such as the following:

1. Introduce The Meaning Of The Failure Indeed

Sometimes people never feel like a failure, especially children, will let himself dissolve in the feeling of yourself. Attitude blame yourself and think that they are always failing and not able to. It is certainly not true, because they teach and remind children if they are not alone.

There are parents who will always accompany and give the spirit to them. Teach children that failure is not the thing to do or the things that make a child becomes worse. Precisely give the spirit so that the child continues to be a leading and unyielding.

2. Teach The Child To Take A Lesson From The Defeat Of The

How to make a child understand the next failure is to give a lesson about the wisdom behind the defeat. Give examples that defeat it was the usual thing, and the child will be able to become more better in the future. Teach if defeat is a part of learning, and steps to be better and correcting that something is lacking in her that deserves to be repaired. All of it should be meddling parents and the children themselves.

3. Teach That Failure Is Not The End Of Success

Defeat often makes children become sad and disappointed, the role of parents should be able to give the spirit also urge him to be able to feel happy. Say that the defeat does not mean a setback or thing that is worthy of sad.

Precisely defeat is one step of success to be achieved and continue to be pursued. From the defeat of the child should be taught to be patient and accept the conditions with airy heart. That's what will make a child's mental is strong and ready. Here's how to train social skills in children.

4. Convey To The Child That There Is No Failure

The next way to make the child understand, namely the failure to convey that the defeat was a thing that is uncertain while the kids want to try and enterprising. Educate Your children to be strong, resilient and willing to accept any condition, teaches that each and every thing all of defeat and victory is a usual thing.

So do not deserve to be sad or even become arrogant if you win in the future. This is to make the child more mentally prepared and not be surprised if you experience defeat, because he already knows if you lose and win it is common and often happen to anyone.

5. Still Give The Reward Even If The Child Fails

How to make a child understand failure to remain as a parent should appreciate whatever it is kids do. If the child lost do not rush to blame, but still give the best rewards such as giving gifts, invite children to play in a place that he liked, vacationing with family, and anything that can create a sense of sadness for the defeat is lost. This can grow a child into the spirit and feel that they are not alone and can still win on other occasions.

6. Say The Thing Done Is The Best

Another way to make children not feel sad because of the defeat, namely through the advice and instruction that is best. The obligation of parents to provide assistance to the child in terms of bad and good. When children feel sad because of the defeat did the best compliment, a hug the best, the best motivation ever parents have the. Thus the child becomes more happy, confident and sure that the victory is best to have a papa, mama and the family that is so super and love him wholeheartedly.

Thus the expected child's mental becomes much more strong and independent. The how to make a child understand the failure may be Your insight.

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