6 Ways Of Shaping The Character Of Children With Autism, According To Psychology

The growth of the child not all have the kind of perfect, in reality known by the term Autism Spectrum or Autistic. This is the imperfections that occur in the physical and also psychological, in particular in the pattern of brain development. However, not all children with autism have a retardation in learning. Quite the contrary, many children with special needs is to have the level of intelligence and ability in a variety of sciences. Know what that Autism Spectrum disorders in children.

For that's the importance of knowing how to educate children in this special way, so the child's growth into a proper child norm. Here are tips and ways of shaping the character of children with autism is like below:

1. Assume All Children Are Competent

Do not ever consider that if an autistic child is a child who is not able to master a lot of things. Sometimes the limitations actually make a specialty of children with autism. Only the necessary exercise, courses and education levels, interests and hobbies of the child.

Tutoring consistent and better able to make autistic children be children as normal children. The ability of children with autism is different but the more he trained and taught diligently, then its ability is not inferior to a normal child. 

2. Invite Children To Socialize In Learning

How to form the character of an autistic child is to invite them socialize with their environment. There are a lot of children with autism who is excited with the interest of the social rather than the other thing, with an interest that can be utilized in the process of teaching and learning.

By giving many examples directly in the field makes children become enthusiastic and enhance the development of learning increases. By doing routine activities, then the child with autism can do skills in learning normally.

3. Learners With Examples

Wise form of autistic children by providing examples of concrete in the activities of learning. Because many children with autism who have difficulty in understanding emotions, motivation, and the social cues that are able to be instinctive by any other normal child.

Actually autistic children care so much about the feelings of other people, but do not always understand why other people feel it. Because it teaches the things any better by way of example that clearly, so he was able to guess and infuse what is there in front of him.

4. Read The Story To Show A Good Example

The next way of shaping the character of children with autism by reading some of the stories are inspirational and positive. It is able to build character and mental well for them. Read aloud the story of a quiet boy was sad and displays a picture of a disappointed face or tears for example sadness as a form of help him understand the meaning of emotions. Because children with autism can learn a way to remember. Bererita able to help them because it provides many examples of the behavior in a variety of conditions.

5. Supported By A Normal Environment

The atmosphere of learning or children who have certain disorders are entitled to a normal environment. With the environment a good education should allow the same with his friends who do not have limitations. Like the placement of the learning space, the selection of teachers, the environment of his peers and so on.

Don't assume children with autism as a child who is retarded, assuming they are also the same as the normal. Because they have a right to the same education. 

6. Appreciate It And Do Not Teach With The Crackdown

One thing that can be taught for children with autism that is by educating them in a way that is kind and gentle. Because children with autism are not memyukai harsh things, like being shouted at, scolded, yelled at and so on.

Character education good it will make their perception is much higher, the child will feel valued and cared for. The weakness of children with autism that hearing children with autism are generally very sensitive, with a loud sound can cause physical pain and also suffering in the sensory nerve.

So is the way of shaping the character of children with autism who could someday live independently, normal and happy. May be of benefit to You.

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