6 Ways To Avoid Children From Violence, Verbal

The act children under the age of early indeed hard. Because the behavior and the behavior they are still so innocent, and yet understand about the bad things and the good. However, it is not a little due to the behavior of the children makes parents feel upset and angry. Here's how to overcome the psychological violence on children.

Sometimes there is the attitude of the child that makes the parents or the people around him to be up blood, it came to emotions and this has led to acts of violence, both verbal and physical. This is a harm to the child's psychological and also physical, here know how to avoid the child from verbal abuse in early childhood:

1. Learn To Hold Back Emotions

One step to can You give an example so as not to do violence verbal abuse is to learn to hold back emotions. Rather impressed difficult to give it a try, but if trained and performed with the surviving back and remember the impact to Your child. Then it can become a motivation to change attitudes and emotions. You are able to hold back emotions, then the child will feel comfortable and peaceful stay near You. Know the Psychological impact of children who experience violence.

2. Switch The Emotions In Another Way

Furthermore, how to avoid the child from the verbal abuse that by diverting emotional or verbal abuse by other means. An example of such at the time You are emotional, went out from the presence of the child or looking for other activities which distract the view on the child. So Your emotions don't overflow and take it out to Your child directly. Try to follow the methods of regulating emotions through books, the internet or Your doctor, in order that the emotional condition is much more controlled.

3. Teach The Meaning Of Emotions

Children also need to be taught to know what it is emotional, educate Your child to get to know the emotions in his age. So one day the child will understand how to regulate emotions to others. And tell me if Your true emotions, the child to immediately move away so as not to see the condition of the old man was angry. Children need to be taught to know what emotions are, how to put emotion that is good and right. And what are the effects if the conditions are angry to the character of the child in the future. Recognize examples of the kinds of violence on the child.

4. Teach Me To Be Positive

How to avoid a child from the violence of the other verbal is to teach the attitude of the example to the child. Be meek, attention, affection and positive attitude of the other. This will be an example to Your child in the future. Teach the child to behave the same to others, explain if a bad deed will make the other person angry, sad and disappointed. With a positive attitude, then the child will be comfortable to be next to You. He did not feel afraid and anxious if You will be angry at any time.

5. To Strengthen The Relationship 

So Your relationship and the child becomes more balanced, then invest in relationships between parents and children is much closer. This will give you peace and comfort to the child. Parents who are full of compassion, attention, tenderness can make children feel himself no protector. Without any fear of threats, scolding or nagging rough. It will remain until the children become teenagers and adults, hence why the tutelage of verbal abuse can cause a child to be angry and brutal in the future. Because he modeled what was spoken by the parents and the people around him to himself. Here's how to teach kids to manage emotions is good and right.

6. Teach The Child To Be Himself

The next thing that should be done as parents in educating yourself to be a good example. Then teach the child to let it be himself, whatever that children do point to positive things and build a good character. If the child is angry point to a positive thing, unleash your sense of in a safe way at their age. So not until their teens be children for his bad temper.

Well, so some of the examples also an explanation of how to avoid the child from verbal abuse. May be the insight and knowledge.

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