8 the Concept Evaluation in the Psychology of Learning

Understand the concept of evaluation in the psychology of learning can be very helpful especially for those teachers to measure the ability of each of their students. Learning psychology is focused on how a science to be learned by others. Teachers in this context plays an important role in distributing the knowledge he had to the others. To find out how big the uptake received is exactly needed measurements in the form of evaluation.

Evaluation basically have the understanding as an activity to revisit things that have been done before. This evaluation is very important to know whether the target or the desired goal is already achieved or not. In the absence of the evaluation, the learning process could have been less motivation or even not reached the goal. Here are some of the concepts of evaluation, if viewed in terms of the psychology of learning:

1. Has Three Kinds Of Main Aspects

The evaluation of the features of the object with the three main aspects, namely aspects of affective, cognitive and psychomotor. Of course we are already familiar with third this is because according to the theory of the domain of study that has been suggested by Bloom. This aspect also becomes the benchmark for whether a person has reached all the targets or not in the process of learning. The learning process that will either be using when aspects such as material evaluation so that when there is one aspect that is less, can be fixed soon.

2. Describes The Ability Of Learners

The evaluation in the learning process will also describe the ability of learners as a whole. In the absence of this evaluation, we will not be able to see how a person's ability thoroughly. This of course can make us trouble, especially when we will study how far away it actually is the knowledge that has been given to the learners. 

3. See The Extent Of The Uptake Of Science

As already described in the previous point, in addition to describing the ability of learners, evaluation of learning can also provide a picture of the extent to which science is accepted by the learners. This can be measured and we can get an idea of whether our goals have been achieved or not. If not, we can also see the part where it actually is still lacking and should be improved.

4. Compare Achievements Before and After the Learning Process

Evaluation can also be used to compare the achievements of the before and after process of learning. This will be especially useful to know whether somebody is experiencing an increase in the process of learning that he follow. Or actually declined? All these things will be illustrated with the process of the evaluation.

5. Looking for the Most Effective Method in Learning

Furthermore, the concept of evaluation in the psychology of learning is also very closely related to the selection of an effective method of learning. Through evaluation, we can determine whether the way that had been used were in line, or just in need of repair. All these things can give a complete picture of what we should do.

6. Have Some Kinds Of

There are various types of evaluation that we will use. There are at least four kinds of evaluation the formative evaluation, summative evaluation, the evaluation of the placement or the placement and diagnostic evaluation. Formative evaluation is a form of evaluation used gradually in accordance with every detail of the learning process done. Summative evaluation is the evaluation that are thorough in the end after the learning process. Evaluation of the placement of an evaluation in one point has been determined. While the diagnostic evaluation is used more on the things that are considered disturbing in the process of learning.

7. Using Specific Techniques

The evaluation will use specific techniques to measure the ability of a person. For example, there is a technique for evaluating a test that can be done by giving a written test, an oral exam and other tests. There is also a kind of evaluation of the non-test is done by giving questionnaires, observations and conducting interviews.

8. Plays a role in the View Criteria Results

Of all the concepts that have been described previously, at the end of the evaluation will have a role in seeing the outcome criteria. How determination and how the engineering achievement of the desired result can be done with the use of this evaluation.

Thus the explanation for this evaluation. We can know that the evaluation is important to do in the learning process. Expand the information about the concept of evaluation in psychology of learning so that later we could be getting to know the techniques and methods that are appropriate.

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