8 Examples of Children's Exploration Activities for Their Development

For children from toddlers to toddlers, the process of development and also the growth of children is the most important thing that every parent needs to pay attention to. In early childhood developmental psychology, there are many types of activities that you can do with your little one to make their development progress. Children aged 1 to 5 years generally have a fairly large curiosity. Especially for children who are very active, of course every parent has a strong tendency to curiosity.

You also need to know that psychological development in preschool children must be carried out from an early age, actually since childhood children have been exploring. This can also be seen from the activities of breastfeeding babies. One of the exploratory activities that we can see is when the baby rubs the cheek, rubs the mother's hair and pulls the mother's hair. Then there are several activities and other activities that can make the baby more explored, including when the child has started learning to crawl. And little by little learn to walk.

Not only that, we can also see when children start to put objects in their mouths, from that alone we can see that children have started to explore their world. In child psychology, there are several exploratory activities that can certainly make children's development increasingly experience significant progress as well as methods in child development psychology. Moreover, every parent is also very obliged to be able to make children's exploration more developed, so that children's growth can develop properly. Some examples and types of exploration that children often do.

1. Experimental Observation

This type of exploration is usually done by experimenting with children. One of them is by starting to put your finger in your mouth and also inserting objects around the child you meet, then putting them back into your mouth. Sometimes children also do other things by throwing objects or things around them. In this way, children will begin to train children to be able to carry out various exploration processes and children will also begin to understand things.

2. Observation

Among other types, there are also children who have the type of observation, where with this activity usually children will find it easier to observe, including by paying attention to what is in their environment. For example, when my mother is cooking in the kitchen and washing vegetables. From things that he is used to seeing will make children make observations and make their brains more stimulated.

3. Imagination

Another way of exploration that is usually done by children is by playing with imagination. The way this game is usually children will take advantage of various objects that are there and do various types of games. One of the activities that can be done is by playing toy cars and also fighting. This type of exploration and appreciation game is a type of learning that can make children train their brain and motor development. Exploration games are usually done when the child has started PAUD school or when the child starts playing school. In this case there are also several types of activities that children can do, including:

4. Recognizing Color

You can usually give this type of game when the child begins to enter the age of 2 years. children can begin to be introduced to the attractive colors that you show. But for starters, teach children first to recognize only a few colors, for example introducing two types of colors, red and blue. This method is also done so that children do not feel confused and also start practicing their responsiveness. After getting to know the two types of colors you can start introducing other colors.

5. Introduction to Nature

Mothers can do nature recognition activities even when the child is still a baby. When the age of babies to toddlers you can introduce children to the types of animals, plants and so on that exist in nature. Among the ways that can be done is by taking children on an excursion to the zoo. Later children will begin to have their imagination and also develop what they are seeing.

6. Lego Games

Lego is a type of game that can also stimulate your little one's exploration, with this type of game you can train children's gross motor skills. But don't worry if you only see your child throwing Legos without playing, because this is just the start of the learning stage of the activities they are doing. Later, children will also be trained to find out how to properly assemble and arrange Legos.

7. Music Playing Activities

This method can also be used by mothers to make children develop their brains and minds more. With this activity, children will recognize sounds, melodies and hand movements by practicing musical instruments.

8. Playing Picture Chips

Puzzles are one of the exploring activities that can also train your little one's development. With this activity, children will begin to be trained to match the pieces of the picture. And usually the colors of the pieces are very bright and will make children's exploration activities better. Children's development will experience better growth. because in this type of game you will start to learn to train your little one's motor and brain.

Exploration activities for children can indeed be done with many activities. Children also begin to be trained to understand what is around them, and to find out various activities and lessons from parents. As a parent you can also provide light learning first. Usually the type of visual learning and in the form of pictures is what makes children interesting. With this activity, children will be trained starting from the motor system and fine, gross to brain development.

The types of exploration activities can also not only be done in the type of game. But in developmental psychology, you can also do body movements and other appreciation activities with drama techniques. So that children will begin to be trained with activities in their environment. Some other activities that can be done are enjoying a drama show, music and also exposing certain cultural heritage activities. So that later the child will begin to understand the importance of this one activity to make his curiosity bigger. And it is very important to understand the psychological development of children as early as possible.

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