8 the Role of Teachers in Improving the Learning Motivation of Student

The teacher is a very noble profession in the world. The teacher uses the time of his life to learn a lot of things, good science that will be presented as well as how to become educators themselves are then applied when really become a teacher.

The role of the teacher is very important in helping students to learn well. With the guidance and the guidance of the teacher, we can know what's right and wrong. In addition, we can also develop the ability that we have and ask about other things outside of lessons.

In the process of learning is needed motivation. Motivation is the impulse that makes the individual moved to do something in an effort to achieve the goal with its main components is a necessity, attitude, and goals .

Thus, the motivation to learn meaning strength either from within or from outside to drive the students to appear the urge in the hearts to want to do a series of the process of learning to finally achieve the purpose of learning.

Teachers have a very significant role to give motivation to the students. Some of the role of teachers in improving the learning motivation of students is as follows:

1. Make students want to be active in the teaching and learning activities

Teachers should be able to create a system of learning that make students want to learn actively and dynamically to achieve the learning objectives. Currently, the role of the teacher not only read the material or ask students jot down material that has been determined, it is precisely the students to be more active, especially if it is mature enough.

2. Be open to students

Important for teachers to foster a sense of confidence to argue. This can be done by responding to the words or deeds of the students carefully, trying to understand the problems experienced by students, show openness when there are obstacles or difficulties encountered, as well as being understanding to the students. Openness is important because the teacher must understand how students because it affects the motivation of learning.

3. Implement effective teaching and learning methods and innovative 

Learning methods that is used is very influential on the learning motivation of students. Need methods that are interesting and not monotonous so that students ' motivation is increased. Teachers should be able to tailor your learning methods with the character of the students so that the students are more interested in following the learning process.

4. Increase the enthusiasm and the spirit of learning

The concern of the teacher to the students can increase students ' enthusiasm for learning. The students know that teachers care about him and he wants to have a positive change through the learning process will increase the motivation for learning spirit.

5. Help the student if experiencing problems or difficulties

Not all students have the same ability in understanding the lesson. This difficulty can make the student may fail the exam time so that the motivation of learning decreases. When this happens, the teacher should be able to help students bounce back from the ground and not give up so easily. The assistance provided in a positive way can make students feel safer and more confident to do better.

6. Help students to develop their potential optimally

Every student definitely has the potential in him, but sometimes there are obstacles in expanding it. In this case, the teacher acts as a guide and facilitator for students to provide direction regarding what is good or what should be improved. By doing so, students ' motivation to not give up stay there. In addition, this help can also make students more confident and brave in the other time.

7. Reward as a token of appreciation

The granting of awards in the form of praise, value, prize, cup, or in any other form as the appreciation of the teachers towards the students ' work can motivate students to be more active in learning. With appreciation, the feeling of the students to be happy and motivated to maintain or even improve performance. 

8. Get to know and build a good relationship with students

A good relationship with students can certainly motivate students to follow the learning process well. Teachers near and feels like a friend for students to make students more respect so want to follow the learning with better and tend not to want to rebel. In addition, teachers who know their students well also making students feel his presence recognized and motivated to participate in learning. 

Thus 8 the role of teachers in improving the learning motivation of students. Hopefully useful!

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