Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Theory Of Humanistic That Need To Be Considered

One of the learning theory in psychology that must be understood to be able to study psychology with a better theory is humanistic. The theory of humanistic be one of the strengths of the 3 psychological theories which underlie some of the ways to learn the science of science in psychology. The theory of humanistic become one of the theories that are also opposed to the second power is a psychological theory of the previous psychoanalytic and behavioristic.

The theory of humanistic psychology can be defined as the orientation of a theoretical nature that emphasizes the uniqueness of human qualities, particularly associated with the free will or free will and the potential to develop themselves, according to Yusuf, Syamsu. Any theory certainly has some advantages and disadvantages that need to be considered, Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the theory humanistic in the explanation below.

A. The Excess Of The Theory Of Humanistic

Promoting democratic, participatory, dialogical, and humanist

Excess the first can be obtained from the science of humanistic psychology is a principle that always puts the nature of the properties and rules related democratic, participatory dialogic, and humanist so the very impressive appreciate someone with a good. The theory of humanistic be better than the theory of cognitive learning.

The atmosphere of mutual respect

Excess furthermore, from learning theory humanistic is can make the atmosphere so more and appreciate each other, the Emergence of the freedom to argue without being restricted, and freedom of express limitation. By doing so, learners can become more creative. There are many examples of the application of humanistic psychology in the learning successfully carried out in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The role of active learners

As the theory to provide teaching and learning related to the advantages and disadvantages of the theory of humanitis, democratic approach, the humanist as mentioned earlier can make learning more get active role of the learners. In addition to the active role of, numerous individuals are also able to live together despite having a wide range of considerations each of which triggers a difference.

B. Deficiency Of The Theory Of Humanistic

Testing is not easy

The lack or the weakness of the first in the learning theory humanistic to learn the science of psychology is the test that is not easy or it can be quite difficult. In fact, often times found cheating cheating that became a tradition.

Some of the concept is still opaque and subjective

The other thing that has also become one of the shortcomings of the theory of humanistic learning in psychological science is the presence of some of the concepts are still said to be opaque and subjective because the teacher can not give clear information. The concept is still opaque that can become an obstacle to learning.

Creativity is often abused

Another drawback of the theory of humanistic or creativity more freely and without limit, often times often abused for the purpose of which is not in accordance with the direction of education.  This condition occurs when there are individuals who are not responsible in the middle of the group.

Thoughts are not centralized

Learning theory humanistic can lead to the existence of thinking that is not centered on the main issues because every individual is given the freedom to be able to multiply the potenisnya each to answer the question of what is given. 

That's the explanation of one of the learning theory in psychological that can be applied in the world of education. By understanding each of the advantages and disadvantages described above, then there is the consideration of ways to harness the inherent strengths and efforts in preventing reduce the shortage of which is not beneficial.

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