Aspects of Authoritarian Parenting in the Family According to Psychology

Authoritarian parenting usually greatly influence the attitude and also the way a child being as well as dealing with other people in the surrounding areas. Especially when the teen, the aspects of authoritarian parenting is often applied some parents so that not infrequently parenting affect the child's confidence. Where the period is a transition period of a child towards adulthood and also through the development cycle. In the period happens quite a lot of changes in the older children. Nobody can give you change for the better, but there is also a change for the worse. Because it depends on the psychology of the family respectively.

When the child enters the age of adolescence, there is a phase where the development of his emotions are already highly developed rapidly. And at that age also usually shows the attitude-the attitude of the sensitive that is in itself a child, so the presence of parenting authoritarian will greatly affect of that child's life. To be able to achieve an emotional maturity is the duty of parents to be promiscuous way of parenting is best for children. Because at that age a child is already able to recognize his own feelings.

The presence of emotional intelligence will very influence of parenting that is done by the parents. Where it is also something that is very important in preparing for the future of the child in the future. So will be strong in the face all kinds of challenges in front of him. Well, for that in this article we will discuss about some aspects of authoritarian parenting.

1. Aspects of the limit behavior of

On this aspect as parents usually are very pushy and also be very rigid. The actual pattern of behavior or way of parenting is also typically quite often done, but if done too hard, will instead will greatly affect the child's attitude to the future. The child will be more into someone who is too excessive even tend to have a rough attitude. How to dictator present parents can also make the child difficult to control against him. So need to be taught and performed a variety of other ways to help her develop good behavior.

2. Aspects of the quality of the emotional relationship

Aspects of this one is one aspect of parenting that should be well done. In social psychology we are taught to be able to socialize with many people. And in the family of one of them in a parenting must have the closeness between parents and children. The approach taken should also be associated with mutual respect, between parents and children, and also believes that children at age teenager has a limitation and control of yourself well. And through the patterns of this type of cognitive behavior therapy will teach them how to treat well.

3. Aspects of behavior supports

For the aspects of this one usually shows the behavior of the parents so they can keep control of the child, children at the age of adolescence generally must still be helped in resolving the problem. But we as parents should be able to control it. Banning child in doing negative actions are also required, but without being authoritarian too hard on the child. But unfortunately most parents nowadays are more rule than give an explanation with good. But to give an explanation with good will can also help the child to solve the problems well.

4. The aspect of the level of conflict between parents and children

Parents who are too controlling too much and also rather than support in solving problems is often categorized in the aspect of this one. In aspects of this one most parents more often forbid their children, even in doing the negative behavior and also give a penalty. The pattern of parenting that cause a lot of conflict this is also usually shown openly, dna there eventually even be able to bring up a conflict is a fight between one and the other. this is why the role of parents in the formation of youth identity is very important.

5. Aspect of maintaining emotional intelligence

In authoritarian parenting also called keep an emotional intelligence. The kids that have emotional intelligence are better usually has a pattern of foster parents. However, if the pattern of care in the get will make the child even trouble to keep the intelligence of his emotions well.

In aspects of authoritarian parenting is indeed usually make parents able to control the child completely. Whereas in this case the children who receive parenting that would be otherwise, he will have difficulty to regulate and control itself, even from the side of the emotions he had.

In this case you need to note is the in the pattern of parenting authoritarian can make a negative relationship between the child and also the parents. The presence of ready authoritarian familiarized parents will also affect the psychological a child. Where there are several children who get the authoritarian parenting even have an impact make him become more timid, easily offended. Moody and also stress. Even can also have an impact on the child is that it is very difficult to socialize with other children.

One thing to mention the impact that can get is to have the emotional intelligence is very low, whereas that name is emotional intelligence that has a very strong influence on a behavior that is inflicted by someone. In particular occurs in children who are still in the vulnerable age of transition or age of the teenager. Because the child is experiencing difficulty to control the emotions. Well, for that as a parent before going to give parenting authoritarian should think first, because children are generally not able to receive fully about authoritarian parenting, which is applied by his parents. It'll also help set the patterns of thinking of the child and can better control the emotions which possessed the child.

Well, here's a review of aspects of authoritarian parenting here's an explanation of how parenting should not be done by the parents, because every child has the desire and goal respectively. So as parents we should do is do a briefing with the better, but don't make the child could not control the emotions even his desires.

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