Definition and 13 Types of Occupational Therapy for Children with Special Needs

In a health condition, sometimes there are circumstances that make it difficult for us to do something. One of the activities is actually easy but looks quite complicated. One of them is daily activities that we often find such as eating, bathing and other activities. so in other words maybe the person needs a therapy.

A child who has various disorders, such as mental, social and emotional in himself can be said to be a child with special needs or commonly called a child with special needs. For children this one has disorders such as development, independence, skills and also in terms of academics. Some children with special needs include therapy for autistic children, cognitive behavioral therapy, Down syndrome, Asperger's syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder, dysfuction, disturbances in speech processes and behavioral disorders.

We certainly can't just let these children fall into the category of special needs, there are even parents who think their children don't need education, even though these children also need to go to school and have a normal life like other children. For children with special needs, of course, the treatment must be different, where as parents we need to provide the right therapy for the child. Some of the therapies that can be done are occupational therapy or occupational therapy games.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy itself is a type of therapy that requires treatment with the aim that children who have limitations such as physical, cognitive and mental can be much more independent for their life activities. Some of the activities such as bathing, eating, and also wearing clothes. In addition, children with special needs also need proper socialization and also do physical exercise, including moving muscles, making the body more flexible and also maintaining their joints.

However, in doing so, tools are needed. The goal itself is that patients who follow this therapy can have a better quality of life and this therapy can indeed be done at all ages. With occupational therapy, children with special needs will be able to better regulate their motor and sensory bodies, so that children will be much more independent to carry out their daily activities, including one way to take care of themselves. Occupational therapy is usually done with various types of games. Among them:

• Balancing Ring

For this one game the child will stand on the board, but his attention must focus forward, then the ring will be thrown. Using this type of game can train a child to have better concentration, because he has to keep his body in place even though he is going to throw the ring, and also makes his body more balanced, and knows how to put the ring into his cone.

• ADL Activity Day Learning

For the type of therapy that is carried out, among others, teach children to practice tying their own shoes and also buttoning clothes on their clothes.

• Leisure Activities

The activities carried out include making children more motivated and also providing various entertainments that can make their attention more distracted. As for some of the activities carried out, for example time-traveling, where we identify interests, skills and also carry out appropriate children's activities

For the types of therapy carried out, among others, with the condition of children who have certain health conditions. Among them:

• Autism

Where children with autism have neurological and developmental disorders that initially begin in childhood and will last a lifetime. In children with autism it will be able to affect the way they interact and also this type of autism spectrum disorder must be treated.

• Down Syndrome

For children who have Down syndrome, it is a symptom of a genetic condition that causes these children to have certain physical disorders and also have learning disorders.

• Developmental Disorders

Children who have this developmental disorder generally have difficulty interacting with other people, in addition to receiving information will be much more difficult.

• Dyspraxia

In this one disorder, it is a disturbance in motor skills in the form of coordination in the brain, limbs. One of them when jumping and running.

• Spina Bifida

Children with spina bifida have defects at birth, usually in the spine and nerves.

In addition to children who experience the conditions with special needs mentioned above, occupational therapy is also usually given to certain medical conditions, including:

• Parkinson's disease

In this condition, there is a condition that makes the way the brain works inappropriately or has difficulty controlling the body, as well as other symptoms that usually occur, such as tremors and shaking.

• Arthritis

In this condition, various inflammations occur in the joints they have, where the joints will feel stiff and also difficult to do movement.

• Multiple Sclerosis

In this condition, it can affect the working cells in the brain and also in the spine

• Schizophrenia

This condition is a condition where there are mental problems that can cause psychological disturbances in the patient, for example the mind becomes chaotic, illusions and hallucinations accompanied by changes in the behavior they experience.

• Depression

Depression will usually be associated with mood disorders that can make a person feel very sad and also feel hopeless in a long period of time, even not infrequently a disorder like this can also greatly interfere with physical activity and mental changes in a person, with this type of cognitive behavioral therapy. and occupational prevention and recovery can be done in patients.

This occupational therapy can be done in various places, ranging from hospitals, rehabilitation centers, the patient's own home and also in nursing homes and shelters. Although not all hospitals provide occupational therapy services, this is also because the therapists and experts they have are very limited. So for parents who want to take their children to do occupational therapy, it is better to consult with the doctor first, because usually the doctor will give a referral to a place where you can do the occupational therapy. Also understand the self-concept in psychology which is very useful.

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