Game Addiction as a Mental Disorder: Characteristics, Causes and Treatment

The development of internet services and the changing times like today have brought a lot of changes, especially for online game lovers. Not infrequently those who like this game always spend their time all the time just playing games. Not only young people who like this online game activity, even the type of game itself is quite often done by almost all circles. From children, young people to adults. The danger of this type of game is that it makes children a night of learning, so that their learning activities will be very disturbed since the presence of this online game.

Every year, fans of this online game are increasingly experiencing a lot of developments, it can even be said to be increasing much higher in the future. This of course makes online game companies even more profitable, but they are not aware of the dangers of being addicted to this one game. Actually, it's not that much of a problem for those who like to play games, but the problem here is that people can't control their time, so that playing this game is not limited and at will this will definitely interfere with their daily activities. The following are the characteristics of people who have been affected by game addiction:

  • Someone who is addicted to games in general will always spend their time playing games, both on cellphones and on computers, even that person will also find it difficult to control time for himself.
  • Feeling restless if you don't play.
  • Prefer to play games than hang out with friends. Because if someone is already addicted to the game, it will definitely be difficult to divide the time, even the main priority is just to play this game. You will also miss the moment with family and friends.
  • Prioritize playing games more than anything else. This must be a characteristic of people who are too seriously addicted to games, because they prioritize playing games more than other important things.
  • The appearance of migraines in the head is also one of the characteristics of people who are addicted to games, because this can also be caused by looking at the computer screen for too long, so that the channels and circulation of blood become disturbed.
  • Having insomnia is another sign that you are addicted to games. Because every day they only prioritize playing games over school, and this will make activities even more disrupted and even sleep time will decrease.

Many also state that someone who is addicted to games is very severe can be said to have a mental disorder. Even in addiction to play, this can also be the psychological impact of using gadgets which is quite severe. Playing without knowing time will certainly not have any positive value, in fact there is only a negative effect it can have, namely a very, very severe game addiction. Actually, there has been quite a lot of research and research done about the dangers of playing games. Game addiction is also often a psychological deviation that may occur, because anything that is done excessively has a very bad effect.

Causes of Someone Addicted to the Game

For online game enthusiasts, playing games is indeed very fun, but not infrequently this type of game can make someone become excessively addicted, even if not handled seriously it will be very dangerous for them. Actually, the causes of online game addiction are quite varied, some of which we will explain below:

• Game is always evolving and never ending.

As we know, the effect of games on children's mentality is quite dangerous, especially for children who are already severely addicted. Actually, there are many causes for someone to be addicted, including games that are always developing and never ending. If in the past the game had several levels and would run out if you had entered the highest level, in contrast to the current type of game which has many features, so it will never be finished, this is what causes people to become addicted and continue to be curious.

• Gamers Gather in One Social Media Interaction

The attraction of gathering gamers in chat applications that are usually provided is the main attraction, so that it becomes a large community and makes it difficult for someone to stop playing.

• Has Its Own Challenges

In the game itself, it is actually something that is entertaining and not boring, this is a challenge in itself and keeps fans curious to conquer levels.

• Has Many Forms of Emotions

The challenges in the game certainly create their own emotions, ranging from anxiety, tension, anger and even happiness, this is also what makes it difficult for gamers to stop playing. For those who are addicted to this game, it can't be stopped or how to overcome it, because there are also several ways that can be done, including:

• Have Strong Intentions

The first thing is to have a strong intention to be able to overcome the problem of game addiction on this one, so that if we have the intention on something, things will be much easier.

• Recognizing Triggers

For those who are already seriously addicted, it can also identify the trigger first, the way itself can be by looking for ways to overcome internet addiction or gaming, so that once the trigger is known, it will be much easier to stop.

• Do More Useful Hobbies

Gaming can certainly also be a hobby for those who like this game, so it will be difficult to find other hobbies that they really like. But you also need to know before you get addicted to games, of course there are other hobbies that are often done, so for that you can divert your addiction to this game with other hobbies that you can do.

• Reduce Spending To Play Games

It is true that overcoming this game addiction cannot be done quickly, because it requires stages that are indeed carried out. One of them is to reduce the budget or spending to play games. You should try to reduce or allocate the budget for purposes that are much more useful.

Well, here's a review of game addiction as a mental disorder that you can do. Because excessive addiction is indeed not good, this can also cause mental disorders due to social media and online games that can occur.

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