Important! This is the reason why children cry all the time

Crying in babies is normal. Babies have not been able to convey what they feel well because they do not understand how language works. By crying, babies hope to be able to give symbols or signs to those around them when they feel something.

However, sometimes this baby's crying is not normal and occurs continuously. There are various reasons why babies continue to cry and parents should be able to try to understand them so that the baby's crying can subside. This makes parents may feel panicked or anxious because they are confused about what to do .

The causes of babies crying continuously include:

1. Hunger

We all know that hunger can cause babies to cry. If your baby continues to cry after being fed, there may be something else causing the baby to cry. For example, formula milk that is too liquid or too thick. In addition, it could also be due to formula milk that is not suitable for babies.

2. Cigarette smoke

If people around the baby smoke, this can be the cause of the baby crying. Cigarette smoke makes babies uncomfortable because the smell can cause shortness of breath, making it difficult for babies to breathe.

3. How to breastfeed

The mother's breast can cover the baby's nose, causing him to cry because of difficulty breathing. On the other hand, babies may cry because the air swallowed during feeding cannot be expelled through burping or burping.

4. The feeling of wanting to be accompanied

Babies feel comfortable if they are always close to their mother, such as always being held, held, or invited to interact. When the baby feels the mother is not there, he will cry because he feels lonely. Often holding a baby while crying does not cause him to be spoiled as an adult.

5. Uncomfortable

This discomfort can be caused by a dirty diaper, a rash on the skin, a temperature that is too hot or cold, and bloating in the stomach. Not only that, there may be an object that interferes with the comfort of the baby's body.

6. Teething

The process of teething can be painful. The growth of molars can also cause ear pain. This may happen to some babies so that he feels uncomfortable.

7. Fatigue

Babies have different sleep patterns and more often than adults because they get tired easily. There are some babies who when tired can't fall asleep right away, but will cry continuously and don't want to suckle because they're not hungry. Need attention from the mother such as hugs and cuddles to feel calmer.

8. Bored

Babies can also feel bored because they are constantly in one condition. By 5 months, your baby may want to try sitting back and looking at his environment from a different perspective. Thus, the baby will no longer feel bored.

9. Excessive stimulation

Often babies meet with many people such as family or friends of their parents. However, not all babies can be comfortable in a new environment, let alone a crowded one. Restricting people who want to hold the baby or take the baby to a quiet place can bring him back to calm.

10. Sick condition

There is a difference between a baby's cry due to pain and anything else. A baby's loud, high-pitched cry, interspersed with holding his breath, can indicate that the baby is in pain. This pain can be due to a rash or fever.

11. Colic

Colic is a situation when a baby continues to cry for several hours and is difficult to soothe. The cause is not clearly known, but sometimes the crying has a certain pattern, such as in the afternoon or at night.

12. The habit of crying

There are babies who are used to crying when they realize they are not being carried by their mother. He felt that crying was a way for his mother to get closer to him. Mother must be patient in dealing with it.

13. Character

Sometimes babies don't understand how they feel or what they want. Babies do not understand how to live in the world, all they know is that life is difficult. This makes the baby just cry because they don't know what to do.

This is the reason why babies cry all the time. Hope it is useful.

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