Jacob's Syndrome: Definition – Impact and How to Overcome

What is Jacob's Syndrome?

Jacob's syndrome is a genetic mutation that occurs in men. If normally every cell in the body has 46 chromosomes, people with Jacob's Syndrome have 47 chromosomes.

The sex of a person is determined by the sex chromosomes, namely X and Y. Women generally have XX chromosomes. While men generally have an XY chromosome.

Jacob's syndrome is only suffered by men and the sufferer of Jacob's Syndrome has an excess of one Y chromosome, so the chromosome he has is XYY. This syndrome is rare. However, this syndrome should still be watched out for. Jacob's syndrome will make the sufferer experience difficulties in the stages of growth and development. Therefore, the patient really needs special attention from parents.

Symptoms of People Who Have Jacob's Syndrome

Symptoms that appear in people with Jacob's Syndrome are various, such as cognitive impairment, learning disorders, and language disorders. For more details, will be mentioned below.

Symptoms that occur in babies:

  • Babies don't look active
  • Weak baby muscles
  • Late or difficult to speak
  • There is a disturbance in the development of motor skills.

Symptoms that occur in adolescents or children:

  • Large teeth (macrodontia)
  • The appearance of acne
  • Unconscious body movements
  • b\shaking hands
  • Having trouble focusing
  • Unstable emotion
  • Having a behavior disorder
  • Have a delay or difficulty in speaking
  • Learning difficulties or stunted growth.
  • Causes of Jacob's Syndrome

During the reproductive process, the prospective fetus formed from the fertilization process gets the genetic components from the mother's egg cell and the father's sperm cell. This component in question is also a component that will later determine the sex of the prospective baby.

The sex of a person is determined by the sex chromosomes. There are two types of sex chromosomes, namely the X chromosome and the Y chromosome. Women generally have two X chromosomes, or commonly written XX. While men generally have one X sex chromosome and one Y sex chromosome, or commonly written XY.

Jacob's syndrome is only suffered by men and the sufferer of Jacob's syndrome has an excess of one Y chromosome, so the chromosome he has is XYY.

This syndrome is a genetic disorder. However, this syndrome is not passed down by parents. Until now, the exact cause of Jacob's Syndrome is still unknown.

However, it is known that the presence of an excess of the Y chromosome arises due to improper development of sperm cells or it could also be due to an abnormal formation of components of the Y chromosome in early embryonic development.

Impact of Jacob's Syndrome

Jacob's syndrome has several effects on the sufferer. Not everyone with this syndrome has the same impact. The following effects are often felt by people with Jacob's Syndrome, lower body beat compared to the patient's stature, relatively low IQ, hand tremors, hypotomia or weak muscles, relatively large head size, difficulties in learning and speaking, in adolescence acne appears with severe conditions, and experiencing motor development (eg walking and sitting) is fairly slow.

Keep in mind that not all men with Jacob's Syndrome will experience the same effects as listed above. In adult men, infertility or infertility is a symptom that may be felt due to Jacob's Syndrome.

In children, this syndrome can cause problems with their behavior. The behaviors in question are such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder), impulsivity, easily provoked by emotions, and likes to be challenging. However, these behaviors can change over time and the parenting patterns of parents and their environment.

How to Overcome Jacob's Syndrome

Until now, no treatment has been found to cure Jacob's Syndrome. The current treatment is only to relieve the symptoms that appear and also help train the sufferer so that he can live a normal life like everyone else.

Treatment is usually done by doing talk therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and learning therapy. Then for adults with Jacob's Syndrome, the treatment of an andrologist is quite necessary to overcome fertility problems.

Jacob's syndrome is often not realized by the sufferer because it is difficult to detect. Therefore, people suspected of having this syndrome should immediately conduct a medical examination to detect early whether they have this syndrome or not.

Early detection of this syndrome is very important so that it can be handled appropriately and quickly so that the existing symptoms can be controlled immediately and do not interfere with the quality of life of the patient further.

Jacob's syndrome is a disorder that occurs in men due to differences in the number of chromosomes. The person with Jacob's Syndrome has one extra Y chromosome, so the chromosome he has is XYY.

People with Jacob's Syndrome can still move like normal people even though they have to feel the symptoms of the syndrome. This syndrome is often not realized by the sufferer.

When Jacob's Syndrome is diagnosed in an individual as early as possible, it is very good because the individual can get the appropriate treatment immediately.

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