Scriptophobia, Phobia of Public Writing

Phobia or phobia is a word that we often encounter in everyday life. Phobia comes from the Greek word "Phobos" which means fear. Phobia itself has the meaning of an excessive fear of oneself towards a thing, event, place, animal, certain object or certain situation that is usually harmless.

Phobias arise due to several things, it could be due to trauma, experiencing stress, or experiencing other events that cause excessive fear. Phobias cause anxiety in humans, anxiety itself means worries that come from within humans for no apparent reason.

There are several kinds of phobias that exist in humans, in this article we will discuss one of the phobias, namely Scriptophobia. Scriptophobia comes from the Latin "scripto" or "write" and "phobos" or "fear" which means that scriptophobia is the extreme fear of writing in public. There are not many articles or other sources that discuss this phobia, this may be because this type of phobia has not been suffered by many people in the world or has not been considered too disturbing for someone's comfort or it can be called this type of phobia into a rare phobia.

Although this phobia seems very rare, it is likely that many people experience this but are not aware of it and it can interfere with someone's life, especially for people who have jobs to write in front of others such as lecturers, teachers, notaries and some jobs that require writing in front of others. general.

The characteristics of people who suffer from the phobia of scriptophobia are anxiety when writing in public places or in front of many people, feeling uncomfortable when writing in public places and becoming restless when someone is watching them write.

Not only that, usually scriptophobia sufferers will experience dryness in the mouth, palms start to get wet from sweat and a rapid increase in heart rate, of course this will be very disturbing when someone is going to write in public so usually a person with scriptophobia phobia will write alone and in place. quiet. This can happen because someone has a phobia of trypanophobia.

The cause of someone experiencing scriptophobia phobia may be almost the same as other phobias, namely from negative experiences that a person has gone through, either when he was young or old, so that in the future when the event occurs there will be anxiety, worry and fear if the experience is negative. it happened to him again.

In the case of scriptophobia, a negative experience that makes a person traumatized or worried and afraid when someone has been ridiculed, rejected and humiliated in public for his ideas in writing or a work in the form of writing that is produced. This can lead to negative feelings that are firmly entrenched in one's brain and a drastic loss of self-confidence which can lead to fear when one is writing in public or writing when many people are paying attention.

When you experience the symptoms of the scriptophobia phobia as described above, don't worry, there are several things you can do to reduce or even eliminate the scriptophobia phobia. The first step you can take is therapy to the therapist, you can consult and tell about the phobia you are experiencing, that way you and the therapist will find a solution or goal that must be achieved to reduce this phobia.

You can create room space and good light or things that make you comfortable can be used to get used to writing then you can also start getting used to writing in front of your friends or people you feel comfortable with in order to reduce fear in public. You can also choose a comfortable place to write and listen to music to reduce the effects of the scriptophobia phobia.

Reading a lot is also one of the keys to avoiding writing that is not easy to read, reading will open up broad insights so that the results of your writing can be easily read by readers so that it will increase self-confidence in someone who experiences the phobia of scriptophobia. Write every day, even if you write. simply and lightly will familiarize yourself with writing can also be a way to deal with the effects of scriptophobia phobia. If the things above have not been able to reduce or eliminate the effect of the scriptophobia phobia, this means that you have had a very severe scriptophobia phobia effect. You should consult a doctor in the field.

The conclusion is that a phobia means an excessive fear of oneself against a thing, event, place, animal, certain object or certain situation that is usually harmless. In this article, which discusses scriptophobia, it means an extreme fear of writing in public.

This type of phobia belongs to a rare phobia. This phobia occurs because of negative experiences that make a person traumatized or worried and afraid when someone has been ridiculed, rejected and humiliated in public for his ideas in written form or a work in the form of writing produced. If the efforts made to deal with this phobia as described above have not been able to, then you should see a psychologist or therapist who is an expert and a doctor who understands this field.

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