The Functional Approach In Psychology

The functional approach are included in the wide range of special psychology is an approach that is done by a teacher in students with how to wear a use value than a science, especially a language for the benefit of the life of their students.

This approach also be a method used to get the results of the functional approach itself that is the approach that tends to teach or learn the language based on the language function.

The functional approach can also be interpreted as an effort to provide learning material terms that emphasize the benefits to the learners in their daily lives in accordance with its development.

The material studied children in school is not only to train the brain, but is also expected to be useful for child life better for the life of the individual or social.

With this, then the functional approach in psychology defines if the child is able to use knowledge gained from the educational environment and practiced in daily life. Then, what are the functional approach in psychology that?, here's the explanation for you.

1. Individual Approach

In some cases that occur in the teaching and learning activities can be resolved by using an individual approach such as for example to stop the students who love to talk to and the kinds of behavior in psychology.

The way to do it is to remove or separate one of the students to the place of the other separate with distance apart. Students who are happy to talk to placed on a group of students who are more reserved.

The problem of learning difficulties students will be more easily solved with the approach this individual despite the group's approach is also likely needed.

By doing so, the individual approach is the approach taken by educators to see the difference the students on aspects of their individual each.

2. Approach Group

As already described in the first point, the approach of the group sometimes it is needed and used to nurture and develop social attitudes students are also included in the way of effective study according to psychology. Thing to realize is the protege is a creature homo socious which creatures are more likely to live together.

By using a group approach, it is expected that if a sense of high social can develop in every child learners. They will be fostered in order to control the attitude of selfish in them so it can shaped the attitude of the loyal friends of the social in the classroom.

In addition, the future students can also live interdependent because there is no living creatures can continue to live alone without involving other creatures either directly or not directly and consciously or unconsciously.

3. The Approach Of Variations

Generally, the problems that occur on the protege indeed varied and the most appropriate approach used is the approach of variation compared to the wide range of learning styles other.

For example, students who do not discipline with students who love to talk will be different for ways of solving or solution and demanding approach is also different.

Approach to variation is inversely proportional to the concept if the problem faced by the students when learning also varies. Cases usually occur in teaching is a lot of motif that is also needed variations solving techniques for each case. To that end, the approach of this variation is a tool that can be used teacher for the sake of learning.

If concluded, the approach to variation is the approach taken pengaar to solve the problem of students that are diverse to wear problem solving techniques also vary.

4. Approaches Of Educational

Approach educative be the most appropriate approach to be used for educators as well as to how to determine the child's talent early on.

Every action, attitude and deeds done educators must have the value of education. It aims to educate students so that you can appreciate the norms of decency, legal norms, religious norms and also social norms. The purpose of this approach is to cultivate the character of the students with moral education which is also noble.

This defines if the approach educative is an approach used in teaching the value of educating with legal norms, the norms of decency, religious norms and also social norms.

For example, when the bell rang meals don't let the children go straight but the first line up in front of the door. The chairman of the class will be given a command to set the row while the other students will be lined up while educators who also control the students.

5. Approach The Experience

The experience can be said to be a teacher without a soul but always searchable by everyone which is also very important for the development of memory in children.

Learn from the experience would be better than just to talk and never do at all. Learning to be a reality which is shown in the physical activities.

Although the experience needed and look for life, but in fact, not all experiences are educational. An experience can be said to not educate if educators do not bring a child into the direction of the purpose of education.

The characteristic traits of the experience that is educational is centered on one goal that has meaning for children, interactive with the environment at the same time can add to the integration of the child.

Given the value of the experience is very high, then we need to realize if it is very important for the mental development of children so that the experience can be used as a method of approach in psychology and characteristics of your home can look.

Can't say if the approach to experience is the approach taken by educators with a way to give some examples of experience on the students to inculcate the value of education.

For example, for the education of Islamic religion will be done with the religious approach which students are given the opportunity to gain experience of the religious individual or group. During the month of Ramadan, then the muslim is required to perform fasting.

6. Approach Habituation

Habituation for the learners are also very important because with habituation, then eventually become an activity that will have kids later in the day as well as to address the causes of weak mentally in children.

Habituation good will shape human personality is also good and vice versa. In contrast to adults, children more thinking in the abstract and they can only think concrete.

A child who does not have a strong memory too quickly can forget about all that's happened. Their attention is also more easily distracted on the new thing that is preferred.

The child the child is not obligation but already have the right as one of them provide an education that is how to give a good habits in their lives. With habituation, it will also affect the school environment and the community.

To that end, the teaching method that should be considered is a method of exercise or drill, the implementation of the tasks, demonstration and also experience in the field.

7. A Rational Approach

Effort is important for educators is to provide role on the sense or the west when understand and accept the truth of their religion as are to understand the wisdom and the function of the teachings of the psychology of religion.

Because of the sense or the ratio of the finally used a rational approach for the purposes of education and also teaching at the school. To support the use of this approach, the method of teaching must be adapted to the age level.

For example, about proving something that is related to religious issues have to be adjusted to the level of the child's thinking.

Error proof will be fatal in the soul of the child so that the business most important thing for teachers is to provide role on the sense or the west to understand and accept the truth of religious teachings including also understand the wisdom and the function of the teachings of the religion.

8. Emotional Approach

Emotions in psychology is the psychiatric symptoms in a person who is associated with emotional problems. A person who has feelings certainly can feel something better feeling of physical or feelings of a spiritual. In addition, it will also include feelings of intellectual, aesthetic feeling, social, ethical and also feeling of self-esteem.

The feeling is a function of the soul so that it could consider and measure something according to the sense of fun or not fun, have the nature of the happy and sad, strong and weak, the old and for a second, the relative and does not stand on its own as a statement of the soul.

The emotional approach is aimed at business arouse feelings and emotions of students in believe, understand and appreciate the teachings of his religion. To achieve the goal of an emotional approach to this, then the method that should be considered is the method of lectures, storytelling and sosiodrama.

To it, emotional approach conducted by the educators to the students is done through verbal stimuli such as stories, lectures, satire, mockery, dialogue, news, orders, advice and so forth. While the excitability of the non-verbal is a form of behavior in the form of attitudes and acts.

9. The Functional Approach

Science is science that can form a child's personality such as overcoming depression in children. The child can later benefit from the knowledge already acquired in school.

Children will utilize the value of the order of a science for the benefit of in life. With this, then the value of the already functional in children.

For example, the religious instruction given in the class, will be implemented in the daily lives of the students and also the students could feel the knowledge already acquired in school.

10. Religious Approach

General subjects are very concerned with the religious approach. The concept of personality in psychology of religion aims for the cultural value of science is not secular but fused with religious values.

With the application of the principles of teaching such as the principle of correlation and socialization, educators can insert the message religious for all general subjects.

Educators also have to master the teachings of the religion in accordance with the subjects that are held. For example, the biology lesson that can not be separated from the letter Yasin verse 37 – 40 is the following has the real supporters of the religious approach in the subjects of physics.

The Functional Approach Of The Other

In addition to some of the functional approach above, there are still many functional approach, such as:

The approach of meaningfulness.

  • A deductive approach.
  • Inductive Approach.
  • Approach open ended.
  • Approach saintific.
  • The approach realistic.

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