The influence of the Environment on Learning Outcomes Children

Learning is an activity that must have done the human, both formal and non-formal. Humans need a source of knowledge to be studied and also the learning environment. The learning environment is a place to gain knowledge, skills, understanding, and attitudes that encourage the individual to develop. The learning environment is the situation around the individual while studying.

The environment is not only associated with the space or place of a person learns, but also the social conditions in the vicinity. Not only that, in addition to the environment of educational institutions, the home and the environment around the individual who is to be a place to develop can also be a place to learn.

This environment becomes one of the factors that affect how the process of learning to achieve the learning achievement. Learning achievement is the result obtained in the individual of the learning process that he has to do, like pay attention to the exposure, perform tasks, practices, and so on. To determine the achievement of learning, we need a test or exam that may indicate differences in the ability of the individual after going through the learning process.

The three centers of education, the family environment, school environment, and the environment of youth. Not much different, the learning environment into three, as well as mention its influence on the learning achievement of children, of whom:

1. Family Environment

The family is the first place of the individual learning since he was born into the world. The presence of the family environment is important to inculcate values and fundamental knowledge before the entrance to the school.

Parenting and how parents in educating children

Parents who are supportive in ways that favored child can motivate children to further the spirit of learning and not give up easily when in a difficult period. While parents tend to be indifferent, the child becomes more as he pleases herself so that the results of optimal learning is difficult to achieve. 

Relationships among family members

In addition to parents, the relationship between individuals and other family members can also affect the results of the learning. The relationship of positive and harmonious individuals can learn well. In addition, Alfred Adler believed that the order of birth in a family affects the personality traits of a person. Personality can affect the learning motivation of the individual.

The financial condition of the family

Although there is no guarantee of the individual with the conditions of a particular financial surely have learning outcomes specific also. However, it is still able to affect individuals in the motivation of learning which is related to the opportunity to get facilities, facilities, and infrastructure for learning. Any conditions which are owned, the things that lead to good results or not still depends on how the individual see the condition of the

Values, norms, and cultures that belongs to the family

Every family has a cultural background and the adoption of values and norms that are different. Once again, although there are still other factors that make an individual achievement or not, but the planting of good habits early on can motivate someone to learn well. 

The circumstances around the house

The condition of the house as well as the environment which can make the individual more comfortable to learn. This can certainly create a good mood so that interest in learning increased.

2. School Environment

Once you have a considerable age, the individual will start to go to school and get knowledge and new knowledge from the teacher, students, as well as citizens of other schools with a system that is already set.

Learning methods

Every school must have a method of learning, both in the form of curriculum, teaching techniques, and rules of the other. This method is important because it becomes poses that will pass the individual to achieve the learning outcomes. In addition, the competence of the educators also can support learning methods that can be implemented efficiently and effectively. 

Relationships with teachers and other students

Relationships with other people in the school such as teachers and other students, whether it's a friend, sister, or sister of a class can also affect the learning outcomes of the individual. The relationship with other people who have a positive influence helps the individual to grow more. While the negative influence of course keep the individual from learning achievement, especially if the individual is not able to remain outstanding.

School facilities

School facilities that can support the learning process of students to the maximum. In addition, school facilities should also be convenient to use by learners. For example, clean, have good air circulation, there is sufficient lighting, serte away from the crowds or noise.

3. Communities

In addition to the home and school environment, there are communities that exist around individual grow and berkembangan. The environmental conditions of the public good or less good can affect the results of individual learning.

Social activities

In addition to studying science, it is also important for the individual to have experience in social life. It is important for individuals to choose which activities are positive and negative. Social activities that are positive, like social work or volunteering can improve the thinking ability of the individual directly.

Mass Media and social media

At this time, the mass media, especially social media become the most important for almost every person. Social Media is a place to communicate, get information, and provide information. Use social media wisely can help individuals to increase their knowledge beyond the knowledge gained from the school.

Mass Media and social media

The culture of the community, especially in Indonesia is very diverse. Individuals will see how the people around him behave. Good behavior can encourage individuals to do things that are positive to improve performance. A culture that less is better not make individual becomes bad, but still do not support so it is difficult for a person to excel.

Thus the influence of the environment on learning outcomes of children. Create a positive environment and support to continue to excel.

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