The Relationship Of Social Learning Theory And Behaviorism That Need To Be Considered

In studying the psychology of is theory and the foundations of basic science that is growing among akedimisi and professional. One of the learning theory in psychological that can be well understood is the theory of behaviorism. The theory is a theory that explains that learning is a change in behavior that can be measured, observed, and assessed in a concrete way. Learning theory behavioristic is more concerned with the process of learning results compared with the results of the study itself as the goal.

Social Learning is a theory that is still new in learning compared to learning theory psychology of education. Social Learning can be defined as a way of learning together with community experts and other learners. Through learning with a community of experts in every field that make the learning activity more appropriate goal. There is a relationship of social Learning theory and Behaviorism which are described below.

Social Learning is input in the theory of Behaviorism

In the theory of behaviorism as one of the theories of the psychology of education, said that the input or stimulus can change the behavior of someone become an expert in a particular field are studied. Social learning is an input good in learning using the theory of behaviorism because in social learning, someone will learn directly from the expert community that is really understand a particular field in another. In the theory of behaviorism, teaching only focus on the administration of the stimulus and habits that can be absorbed by either as a result of the process.

Final ability can be measured

Social Learning is used for learning a particular field will be able to demonstrate the ability of a person in the same group so it can be measured with good. Measurements can be carried out in relation to the end process of learning is the principles of the theory of behaviorism. Theory behaviorime indeed will emphasize the final results obtained should be able to o so superior a person is seen. Measurement becomes a thing that can determine the presence of changes in behavior from the results of the learning is done.

Learning through imitation and modeling

The relationship of social learning as one method of learning in educational psychology and the theory of behaviorime other related to how learning is emphasized through imitation and modeling. Imitation is learning how to imitate someone who is already an expert, while modeling is an expert as an example of a renderer that can be emulated. Learning, imitation and modeling is a principle in the learning theory of behaviorism, which also added the condition of conditioning through the provision of reward and punishment.

Application of social learning theory and behaviorism

The application of the theory of behaviorism has its limitations especially related to age. The age of adulthood is less suitable to apply theory behaviorime in learning a thing. Although sometimes for certain conditions, social learning also have limitations terkaitp its application to age more dewasan and too small, still the application of social learning can still be imposed compared with the application of the theory of behaviorism.

That's some discussion about the relationship of social learning theory and behaviorism that need to be considered well in usalan above. Both types of learning theories that have similarities and relationships that are attached to each other but also there are some drawbacks that must be considered with the good. The presence of social learning as the science of learning a new choice than a theory of learning that starts obsolete.

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