The role of the Teacher in Guidance and Counseling You need To Know!

Guidance and counseling according to is the process of assistance that a person with such expertise to individuals with problems or obstacles specific to the individual can be well developed, including through referrals in the study and design a career.

In general, the purpose of general guidance and counseling is to help individuals to develop their potential to the fullest. While the specific purpose of guidance and counseling are the things related to the understanding and general purpose earlier .

There are nine functions of guidance and counseling, namely the prevention, understanding, alleviation, maintenance, penyaliran, adjustment, development, improvement, and advocacy. This function should be able to run properly. Therefore, teachers have a role in the effort to guidance and counselling.

In brief, the role of the teacher as the implementer of guidance and counseling is as informants, facilitator, mediator, and collaborators for students in an effort to help the development of the students to be more optimal.

The teacher is one of the main executors of the learning process in addition to students so that it has an important role in providing guidance and counseling. This is because teachers have the knowledge and understanding of the development and the barriers experienced by learners.

As a person who often meet directly with students in the school, the teacher has a sensitivity of its own to the problems faced by the students so that it can try to understand the conditions that occur. During the learning process, the teacher acts as a facilitator at once the observer for the students, so the detection of obstacles can be done as early as possible.

By doing so, teachers can provide guidance and counseling on students to give consideration, advice, and other assistance to help students find the solutions in the problem.

Therefore, the proximity and communication between teachers and students is very important. The process of guidance and counseling can not run properly if the two sides do not use in ways that are effective when doing a guidance. 

Teacher guidance and counseling is a great role for students in general is still confusion in the academic problems and issues related to studies after graduation. The teacher can give choices a way out that can be used by students to cope with the problem.

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