12 the Influence of Parenting Style of Parents On a child's Character

The character of a child is indeed largely be influenced from the way or parenting of both parents, even the role of parents in the formation of the child's personality.

Where, through whose name the style of parenting can be said as one of the things that will be determinant or determinant factors, and it will certainly have an influence on the development of the child later.

We need to realize also, parenting also it can greatly affect the behavior and habits of the child, where an interaction will be a penntu that would later be imitated by the child.

Interaction of parents on the child in this case it is necessary to get attention, where a family or parents who meembrikan guidance on child about positive things, of course, will be absorbed by children to adults, even the style of parenting done can determine the character of the child later.

To it as a parent is very important pay attention to this with carefully.

Parents also must have a pretty big responsibility in the upbringing of the child, where the psychology of the family in this case will be very mennetukan how she could face the environment thereof later.

Moreover, the name of the role of parents is very needed in the formation of the character of the child.

1. Authoritarian parenting

Authoritarian parenting is often times done by the parents, where parents feel able to control the entire life of her son, ranging from how to behave.

How to eat and choose the things important to his life, and in the end when there is a problem later on parents are the ones that finish by using all the power it has.

Parenting like this will tend to make the character of children who are less responsible and always delegate responsibilities to others.

2. Permissive parenting

Permissive parenting is the way that parents do to show affection to his son.

But unfortunately it is not very appropriate, because parents usually give all the things the child wants, though not necessarily a child can not melkaukannya own.

But the positive side that can dimabil of parenting which is usually helping parents give a second chance to the child if the middle of the promising something, but unfortunately emotionally the child will be less mature, and it will be difficult to accept it if her wishes are not fulfilled.

3. Parenting neglectful

Parenting neglectful have different parenting, where the learning of the parents too focus on the advantages and also focus on her own.

Not even so cares for the child, what is perceived and what also indeed be packing a child, unfortunately the way the pattern pengaushan like this is very wrong and can have dmapak bad for the child's character will be.

Where the child will grow into a child who is less confident because it does not get enough love, and can look for attention out there.

4. Democratic parenting

Democratic parenting is a way of parenting that is indeed the best, and should be done every parent, where the parent and child make a deal together.

It also of course can teach a child became much more disciplined, and can build a culture of discussion with the child, the child is also can be feel safe and can solve the problem yourself.

5. Too spoil the child

Parents who have a style of parenting that is too spoil the child will be very shaping the character of children being someone who can't stand on their own two feet.

Children also tend to be very dependent on the parents and it is also difficult to be separated, this will make the child difficult to decide on something and can't be independent.

6. Parenting freedom

There is no harm to give style pengaushan smoke on children, but in this case the parents also need to see the age of the child, which should be parenting such as this is given when the child was grown, or been stepped on 20 years.

This can also teach the children became much more independent and can be, and will be easy to learn to take a decision about his life.

7. Friends with kids

Children at age teenagers usually be entered on the stage of the rebellion, where the age of the child sudha amsuk age teenagers ranging from ages 14 to 19 years, it is necessary to change gyaa pengaushan parents.

You should make the child like a friend or a buddy, so that the child will be much more obedient and know about the things that really need to do and also about things that should not be done.

8. Give life purpose

When the child is still young, you should do parenting gives the purpose of the child's life.

This will make the child become a person who understand more about the direction his life in the future.

And make a draft of the future and the school that it is desirable for a child, do the discussion without having to do authoritarian in parenting like this.

9. Teach good manners.

How to be better and also the pattern of behavior it was better that you give when the age of the child entering the age of the kindergarten.

You can mengejarkan simple things, for example by way of respect for parents, how to talk to parents or how to confront the man who was much older, so the child will understand about the limits that must be done.

10. Be parents who are happy to accept suggestions

The type of parenting that as this will make the child understand how to talk with parents, the child will have democratic attitudes and willing to talk about the good and positive things.

Because the role of parents in the formation of the character of the child in this case is very influential and can make it easier to learn to take a decision.

11. Tolerate when an error occurs

Parenting like this will make the child easy to forgive and it can accept mistakes made by himself.

Children will learn about how to forgive others and make it eliminates the nature selfish.

12. Promote the creativity of children

Parenting like this will make children far more confident, and as any parent will be much more aware of penetimaan creativity of the child.

And indeed preferably the child's interest never covered, even creativity need to be highlighted, so that he will feel much more confident.

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