13 Benefits of Hugs for Kids

Most parents would've revealed a sense of love through pick up or invite children to play, bought expensive toys, or give nutritious food on the fruit of the heart. However, nothing can beat a hug as a way of expressing the love powerful between the parents on the child.

Yes, the small child, and the child requires at least 5 to 6 hugs a day for survival. The research also reveals, that often gives a hug to a child can make them live and thrive better. Approximately what the heck, the psychological benefits of hugs for kids that they can get later? Here are 13 Benefits of Arms for the Child.

1. Make a child smarter added

The benefits of a hug for a child is not just a show you love love, you know. In fact, with a hug, it can have an impact on their brain development. The research revealed that parents who show his love through a hug can give the impression of a safe environment, and love for children. 

2. The developing brain is better

In addition, their brain will be more developed when compared with children who rarely embraced. Although it does not mean that can improve their intelligence, hugs parents can enrich the way they work and their behavior. A hug for the child regularly, will have an impact for the future, the environment and the behavior of their adult later. 

3. Avoid the child from the sense of stress and anxiety

The production of endorphins in the body, it becomes one of the benefits of the arms for the child. Why endorphins great for a child? Basically, this hormone serves to reduce nervous tension and also stress. That is, children are more often embraced by his parents will be spared from stress and anxiety.

4. Increase happiness

The habit of hugging between parents and children, will have an impact on the activity of the child You live day to day. Therefore, physical contact such as hugs, useful release certain chemicals in the brain that increase happiness and decrease stress hormones pieces of Your heart.

5. The child will feel comfortable and be merciful

Have You ever tried to hug someone that doesn't like to be touched physically? Certainly it feels so awkward, isn't it? Physical touch should not gesture to express love or something. With familiarized hug or cuddle, the child will assume it is as you love. The possibility also, when the child grows up they will be more empathetic and compassionate, because of the meaning and benefits of a hug can transfer energy better for the child.

6. Make emotions stable

As is known, the condition of stress can trigger the production of the hormone cortisol in the body. And, the autonomic nervous system in children have not yet developed enough to regulate emotions emotions on a large scale. If left too long, it will kill the cells of the brain-specific, namely the area of the hippocampus.

Therefore, cuddle've got the usefulness of your own for the health of children, which is beneficial to bring their nervous systems into a balanced state. Then with the onset of the arms, the hormone oxytocin is released into the blood flow will also help strengthen the immune pieces the heart of his beloved and keep emotions is always stable.

7. Provide emotional closeness

A hug for the child for 20 seconds could make it more intelligent, more healthy, and happy. Not only that, his arms will also build emotional closeness between parents and children. It's worth every parents did not need to feel his arms anytime when you feel needed.

Do you know if the child was already able to distinguish where the arms of his mother and where the arms of others? Although after the age of 2 years the child is already starting to get to know a lot of people other than his parents, mother and father still closer to him so that when you get a hug from her parents there is a sense of much more safe, comfortable, and serene.

8. The child has a good mental health

Child's brain needs a lot of stimulation in order to develop to the maximum, Lucky, this stimulation can be in the form of hugs or cuddles, which is able to activate the development of the nerve. This could impact on the health physical, mental, and emotions that much better.

9. Make a child strong and confident

Other studies mention that hug for a child can increase the immune system significantly. The more a child feel loved, the more her feel safe and more powerful in preventing illness. In addition, often the arms for the child will make the child more confident, make her feel important, and make his emotions remain stable. “Hugs make children feel love, so her self-confidence increased,”

10. Gives a sense of security in children

11. Make the child feel important

12. Stimulation for the development of

It is believed that the child requires a lot of sensory stimulation for development. In this context, physical touch such as a hug is the stimulation of the important thing that can enhance the development of mental health and a strong body.

13. Have the cognitive development good

Also revealed children who get more physical touch, from both parents and hospital staff shows the response of the brain stronger. Means their brain works well even if they were born prematurely. The growth of the child's brain that rapidly indicates the child will grow up to be a smart kid.

When the child is receiving that extra touch at least 20 minutes every day for 10 weeks, they will show a higher value in the assessment of growth and development. Children who get physical touch is also said to have cognitive abilities better.

That's 13 benefits of arms for the child, for those of you who have already become parents, don't forget to always embrace the fruit of your heart with full of love and affection. So that the author can say, see you in the next article, thank you.

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