7 Basic Concepts Of The Formation Of The Child's Emotional

Get to know the personality of the child – the child it is difficult to guess, the age of which is still not quite mature plus character pattern, which is still changeable. So patience is required in getting to know and form into the pattern better. Know some ways to overcome negative emotions on a child-appropriate.

Children's emotions are still unstable, moodian and his feelings so easily goaded. Well, for that it is important to know the basic concept of the child's emotional, that can be used in shaping the character of the emotion is more mature. Here are some examples of what You can do :

1. Treat The Parents

One of the basic concepts of emotional child most easily exemplified that of the attitude of both her parents. Whether the child will become emotional or not depends on parenting mother is also his father. If every day a child is educated with the rough talk, act of violence, rebuke it in the future if it is not directed to the direction of the good, will make will be as personal as dissenters and grumpy. Tips and tips for approach guidance on the psychology of the child early on.

2. Exemplary Environment

Environmental factors contributing to the development in the concept of emotional child. A neighborhood with a good pattern, will have an impact on the formation of character is also healthy. On the contrary, an environment full of ugly can make the lifestyle is bad for children's emotions in the future. So it is very important pay attention to the environment in order to grow the flower of Your child.

3. Example Of Environmental Education

Next the concept of the emotional basis of the child to the school environment or education. Education is not just in school, but also include courses or tutoring. If the educational environment is not able to provide a good example for the child.

Then the possibility of such education is to be failed, the formation of the second character after the house is a school. So the school also has a responsibility in shaping children's emotions as long as they are in school. Here's how to overcome the interference of social emotional early childhood is good.

4. Introduction To Intercommunication

Pay attention to the environment your child's play, how to choose friends who bring to the interaction a positive one. Children who get along left in a world of violence, then it can affect the mindset also his emotions. If conditions are more severe will be difficult to change it.

So the need to monitor the activities of the child while he is sociable, point your child to the positive activities such as sports, science, courses and so on.

5. Pattern Play

The frenetic modern game at this time if it is not bounded, then it could result in emotion and character. Games gadgets and mobile phones are able to damage the nerve tissue in children. This makes the development of social, emotional child to the environment to be much.

Limit the use of gadgets, spend time with the family playing on the outside of the house is like an adventure, playing on the field, vacation together and so on. This trains the child not avid of the technology now. Know the consequences and the impact of positive and negative social change for young people today.

6. Cultural Values

Cultural values also becomes the basic concept of the child's emotional the next. Strong cultural roots in the family and the environment can affect children's emotions. The habit of parenting culture of Java and Sumatra certainly different, therefore adjust the parenting in the age of the child.

Punishment and reward can be given after the child is aged 4 years upwards, or towards the pre-school at an early age.

7. The Habit Of The Environment

A habit of the environment can also be an example for children's emotions. Environment with strong religious able to bring to the emotions a good boy, but rather an environment with a habit that ugly can affect the character is also a children's emotions are not controlled. Some of the bad side and the impact of the quarrel the parents for the children.

So, whatever the concept that one day You apply, make sure the child is ready and able to understand it. Give feedback also appeal to children, make their world as the world of foster good and full of a positive sample. Hopefully this article into a science for You in the form of the characters and the basic concept of the child's emotional positive.

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