11 Types Of Therapy Autism Mandatory Parents Know

Autism is one of the only disorders that usually begins detected since the child is still in the toddler age, this disorder occurs akibatkelainan the nervous system that is usually characterized by a variety of symptoms or abnormalities, such as difficulties in social interaction, impaired communication and child cases were usually has a delay in her behavior.

If we notice carefully, children with autism is like seems to have his own world that's why children with autism this is indeed the need of the help of people around him, so the child can live a normal life should other children.

Most people still do not understand about the abnormalities of this one, and still there are who think that autism is a disease of mental disorders, but basically autism is not a disease, but a disorder of the nervous system that usually occurs due to the way the brain works different with normal children most, so the cause of the child cases were different. for it is indeed needed therapy autism children that the people with autism can live and thrive with good.

1) ABA

ABA Is a type of therapy that can be given to children with autism, ABA itself is Applied Behavioral Analysis, which is a way or structures that can be carried out by someone, so in this case it can be seen how orag the form or un able to eliminate a wide variety of behaviors that show the symptoms of autism.

2) Physical therapy

Children who have abnormalities of autism is usually experienced ketrelambatan on the growth of the muscles or motoric smooth it has, so to motor sendiir considered very rude and also his muscles flabby, by the way physical therapy can be done can make motoric child be much better, so the child also has balance to be physical training on muscle-the muscle they

3) Occupational therapy

For the development of motoric smooth in some children autism are usually perceived experience delays, calm with other normal children who have developmental pretty good and normal.

Among the gestures of children with autism is also usually very rough, and usually they will trouble to do something with the good and also true, so that this therapy would be very beneficial for kids afar motoric subtle can work well, and the child will get used to doing a variety of tasks-tigasnya correctly.

4) Play therapy

Play therapy is a therapy that is commonly performed for the treatment of children with autism, actually this therapy is already done since a long time already, even though it looks very trivial but the way this could be said as one of the therapy learn ynag was good.

An educator who know about this type of therapy can certainly help children who have abnormalities of autistic performed with a variety of specific techniques.

One technique that plaing simple is the way to play with children the same age who have abnormalities similar, how this therapy was indeed very fitting used by way of good communication and also perform a variety of social interaction.

5) Behavior therapy

Children who have abnormalities of autism usually always have a sense of frustration is quite high, and kebanaykan people ynag around them also do not understand and also understand about what they feel.

It is also because of these kids who feel difficulty to mengespresikan all things existing in themselves. Some of the rooms are also much too hypersensitive on various sound, touch and also light.

So most of these children often also have no fear, paranoid personality disorder and also raging in excess. So it must be done a variety of therapy by the therapist reliable.

6) Speech therapy

Children ynag emyandang autism indeed kebnayakan have difficulty speaking, dna is also menyamaikan language to its environment, although this can be developed but most of them can't be used to do the interaction with the better, especially for people who are dis ekitaran the child.

7) Therapy social

People with autism keanyakan have an inability in terms of communicating, so that the child does indeed need to be pursued in order to communicate well in its environment, its own way can be to interact directly with peers or with how to recognize the playground or school children.

With the help of the therapist's can provide and also provide the facility social interaction through techniques of social psychology that is done.

8) This type of therapy is the development of

One type of therapy that can be reliable to people with autism is a therapy development, which in this therapy is to improve the ability of social, intellectual and also emotionally a child. This type of therapy is the development of truly different type of behavioral therapy such as ABA therapy in which such therapy is to teach a child who is much more specific.

9) Therapy biomedical

One type of therapy biomedical originally combined from the Defeat autism now that was initiated by several groups of doctors.

Where are the doctors of the children of abnormalities of autism, where the doctor is doing research for a variety of symptoms found in children with autism such. which typically have an impact on the impaired function of the brain of the child.

With an examination of the incentives usually through urine, fese, hair and also the examination of the blood, so everything that is abnormal cases can be dealt with, that will in order that the child be free from interference.

And in fact, after examination of the komperensif indeed many children also experienced a lot of development.

10) Therapy visual

Some of the children who suffer from autism does have the capability, one way of visual thinkers, so as to ways of learning that they do in the way of communication with some of the images that typically through PECS (Picture Exchange Communication) and usually other ways of knowing that can be done is with video circumferential, or the system of communication used for a visual skills. this way is also very good as how to train the focus of children with autism effectively.

11) Therapy rukiah

Therapy this is more often done to children or someone who has a mental disorder, but in the treatment of children kelaina autism usually can be done. But in this case it is usually children who have a disorder autism get the difference of therapy that is done by the therapist, the things that need to be considered in therapy is preferably carried out by means of the method of rukiyah sharia.

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